2009 FIA Formula Two Championship season

The Formula 2 season 2009 was the first season of the revived FIA Formula 2 Championship. The season began on May 31 in Valencia and ended on 1 November in Barcelona. In the racing series, there are no teams in contrast to other racing series. The chassis are manufactured by Williams F1 and hot JPH1, named after Jonathan Palmer, the director of the race series, and Patrick Head, Chief Engineer at Williams F1. In the fourth race weekend at Brands Hatch, there was a tragic incident: Henry Surtees was hit by a wheel of the race car of Jack Clarke in the head and died in the evening at the hospital.

Sporting Regulations

At each race weekend, there were two 30-minute training sessions, two 30 -minute qualifying sessions and two 40-minute ( or 110 km, whichever was reached by two criteria first) race. In the second race, a pit stop was mandatory, in which there were no tire change. The driver had to press a button during stop, which triggers a ten -second countdown. At the end of the ten seconds, the driver was allowed to leave the box again. During the stop, the mechanics were allowed to make changes to the car. As in Formula 1 were given in Formula 2, the first eight drivers points for the race after the system: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. The overall winner of the series won a Formula 1 test with the Williams F1 team. In addition, the first three riders were in the standings a FIA Super Licence, which entitles them to start in Formula 1.

Starter box

In Formula 2 start 25 drivers.

1 Henry Surtees died at the fourth race of the season at Brands Hatch.

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