Formula Palmer Audi

The Formula Palmer Audi was a single-seater racing series, which existed from 1998 to 2010 and their race mainly fought out in the UK. The namesake of the series were the former British Formula 1 racing driver Jonathan Palmer and the automaker Audi.


The Formula Palmer Audi was founded by Jonathan Palmer to allow racers a much lower cost compared to similar series entry into formula racing and to pave the way for series like Formula 3000, Indy Lights or later the formula 2. In contrast to all comparable Championships, the cars were not prepared by various rival race teams, but used by a single, nearly 50 people comprehensive series own team and maintained, which had its base near the Bedford Autodrome. The series was set in order to concentrate all resources for which also initiated by Palmer FIA Formula 2 Championship can, whose concept has been largely taken over by the Formula Palmer Audi in late 2010.

Apart from the actual racing series also were held the Formula Palmer Audi Autumn Trophy (1998-2000 as Winter Series, 2002-2008) and the Formula Palmer Audi Shootout (2007-2008).


In all the 13 years of the same unit vehicle was used: A process developed by van Diemen car with Audi turbo engine and Avon tires, but modified regularly over the years by the MSV team. In addition, under the name Overboost an old idea from the Formula 1 of the 1980s was taken up, the later numerous series - including 2004, the Champ Car - took over: short of a switch in the cockpit could be increased boost pressure, so that the driver for overtaking for eight seconds 60 hp more were available.


Masters of Formula Palmer Audi