Roman Rusinov

Roman Alexandrovich Russinow (Russian Роман Александрович Русинов, scientific transliteration Roman Aleksandrovich Rusinov; born October 21, 1981 in Moscow ) is a Russian auto racing driver and son of Alexander Russinow, who participated in various rally - raids.


Beginnings in motorsport

Russinow began his career in 1988 in karting. He joined in 1999 the Formula Campus, which he was able to finish tenth in the championship. The following year Russinow raced in French Formula Renault. In addition to the inserts in the national championship, he joined in 2001 also in some races of the Formula Renault European Cups. His best result recorded Russinow with 13th place at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Italy. In 2002 he moved to Formula Palmer Audi and finished the season with seven podium finishes and a win at the Silverstone Circuit. At the end of the year he took third place behind Joel Nelson and Adrian Willmott. The following year he moved up to Formula 3000 and drove there for a Lola T99/50 GP Racing. When qualifying for the first race of the year Russinow drove to the pole position. In the race however he was unable to repeat the performance in training and finished sixth. In the following six championship races he finished three in the top five, but fell in the remaining races of.

Le Mans Endurance Series and FIA GT

In addition to use in Formula 3000 Russinow drove 2003, the 1000- km race at Le Mans. Together with Wim Eyckmans and Enrico Muscioni he steered a Courage C65 for the French factory team and finished the race as a class winner of the LMP675. The individual race in November 2004 resulted in the Le Mans Endurance Series, went on a Ferrari 360 at the Russinov for JMB Racing at the start. During the season he finished, along with Stéphane Daoudi, Jaime Melo and Bert Longin, all races in the points. He also won the 1000 km race at Silverstone in its category. Since neither its direct competitors nor any of its three teammates participated in every championship race, he won the Drivers' Championship GT2. His team JMB Racing, however, lost the title the team standings at Zebah Motorsport. 2005 Russinow stayed with JMB Racing, but switched with the team in the FIA GT to be driving there with Chris Buncombe a Maserati MC12. Both riders finished the five runs up to the race at the Brno Circuit in the points. Then both Russinow and Buncombe was replaced by the end of ever-changing driver pairings. In 2008 he returned to both the FIA GT and the Le Mans Series.

Together with Peter Kox drove Russinov now in both racing series a Lamborghini Murciélago R-GT for the Russian team Spartak Racing IPB. While the driver duo placed in three of the five races of the Le Mans Series in the top three of the GT1 championship, it only reached midfield placings in the FIA ​​GT. In 2009, the team focused to Russinow and Kox on the Le Mans Series. At the first race at the Circuit de Catalunya, the driver pairing won the first time in the GT1 category. For the race at Spa Russinow was replaced by the two Czech Filip Salaquarda and Erik Janiš. In the first targeted Independent Championship race at Le Mans, the Lamborghini did not appear. At the next race in Algarve lacked both the carriage of IPB Spartak Racing, as well as the newly developed GT2 Lamborghini, which was also developed by Reiter Engineering. Its driver Albert von Thurn und Taxis was announced: " The LMS program, however, is actually finished in our equestrian team, after a major Russian sponsor has withdrawn due to the current economic climate. Therefore, the GT1 and GT2 are probably also the first time no longer be used. ". Russinow himself came for the 24- hour race at Le Mans with Team Modena, one other Le Mans Series team. Together with Pierre Ehret and Leo Mansell he crossed seventh in the GT2 category the finish line.

Le Mans results

A1 Grand Prix

After the premature end of his involvement in the FIA ​​GT Russinow drove in the winter season 2005/2006 for the Russian team. However, the team withdrew after three races since it lacked the necessary money. Alex Shnaider, a Russian- Canadian businessman who owns the MF1 Racing team in Formula 1, has the ambition to get a good Russian driver in his team, to provide the first Russian Formula 1 driver in history. Russinow already tested four times for MF1 Racing, but it never came so far to use one. About his ambitions in the Formula 1, Russinow 2008 said: "I am not a son of a millionaire, and if you do not have enough money, it is almost impossible to get a cockpit in a single-seater. "

Other racing series

In addition to the Le Mans Series and the FIA GT Kox and Russinow denied 2008, three race weekends in the ADAC GT Masters. In two of the six runs, driving a team for Flatex riders, which they helped so to win the 2008 championship won.