Valencia Street Circuit

39.458888888889 - 0.33166666666667Koordinaten: 39 ° 27 '32 "N, 0 ° 19' 54 " W

The Valencia Street Circuit is a temporary motor racing track in the port area of the Spanish provincial capital of Valencia. On the street circuit of the European Grand Prix Formula 1 took place from 2008 to 2012.


Although there is already a race track are with the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in around 20 km away suburb Cheste - which is mainly used for motorcycle racing and winter testing of the formula 1 -, a contract between Bernie Ecclestone and the Valmor Sport Group was on 1 June 2007 completed which is valid for seven years and a race through the port area of Valencia provides. With the conversion of the track was started in October 2007. After eight months of construction, the construction work was completed in June 2008. Since the transport infrastructure has been developed around the port area for the 32nd America 's Cup in 2007, only space for the temporary bleachers had to be created.

The official route was unveiled on 19 July 2007 the Minister for Transport in Valencia. The track is 5.419 km long and has a total of 25 curves - 11 right and 14 left turns. Was calculated at a top speed of just over 320 km / h, an average speed of around 200 km / h ( By comparison, the average in Monaco is just under 160 km / h) and a lap time of about 1:37 minutes.

Already in July 2008 took a test event held at the new price. This drove the Spanish Formula 3 and the International GT Open on the track. The event was used as a test of the processes at an event and to verify the safety of the route. According to the organizers of the test was successful. The FIA ​​issued the course then the release.


All winners of the Formula 1 race in Valencia

Record winner Driver: Sebastian Vettel ( 2) Record winner designers: Ferrari / Red Bull (2 each) Record winner Engine Manufacturer: Ferrari / Renault (2 each) Record winner tire manufacturer Bridgestone ( 3) Record winner Nations: Brazil / Germany (2 each)