Pirelli & C. SpA is an Italian tire and former cable manufacturer based in Milan. The company made sales in 2007 of 6.5 billion euros and employed more than 30,813 employees in 2007.

Pirelli Group

Emerging is the actual Pirelli Group from the rubber factory, founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli 1872. With a small workforce telegraph lines, undersea cables and bicycle tires were produced. In 1901, then started the production of automobile tires.


1981 Pirelli achieved global sales of 1.95 billion U.S. dollars and had a global market share of 6.5 percent. In 1985, the Pirelli Group arranged his new production activities. The parent plant " Bicocca ", founded in 1872 and was still on the outskirts of Milan was now located in the center of strong growth in the Italian metropolis. The production was spun off and reshaped Bicocca for new technology and basic research. In this context, the German Pirelli site in Breuberg in the Odenwald was transformed from a pure production system for all types of tires to the main production and development center for car wide and ultra - high-performance tires.

In 1986, Pirelli took over the activities of tires Metzeler and focused the brand on the range motorcycle tires. In 1988 to the U.S. tire manufacturer Armstrong and expanded its activities thus also on the North American market from. In 1991, the division of agricultural tires was introduced into a joint venture with the Swedish company Trelleborg AB, which completely took over the area in 2001 and even today the licensing rights to the brand Pirelli holds agricultural tires.

From 1990 to 1993 Pirelli tried to take over the German Continental AG. Accordingly, there was extensive media coverage. Continental AG was trying to prevent the hostile takeover. This was possible because a defensive front led by the Deutsche Bank acquired a blocking minority and Pirelli after a long battle ran out of liquidity.

Pirelli Germany

The Pirelli Germany GmbH produces as a subsidiary of the globally active Pirelli Group's passenger car and motorcycle tires for high and ultra-high -performance range. The production for car tires in Germany will take place at the site Breuberg. The tires produced there are primarily supplied to the automotive manufacturers for original equipment. In addition, a large part of the tire is made for the replacement market.

The roots of today Pirelli Germany GmbH is held in 1903, as the inventor of the tread pattern for bicycle tires, Friedrich Veith ( 1860-1908 ), self- made ​​and Veith & Co. founded in Sandbach in the Odenwald. In 1906, from this was the Veith Werke Aktiengesellschaft. With the production of tires and tubes for bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles, the number of employees increased to 1939 to 1000.

After the Second World War ended in 1946, the production of rubber Veith Werke GmbH on again. 1963, the Group acquired Pirelli through stock purchases the majority stake in the Veith - rubber Werke GmbH with the simultaneous conversion to the Veith - Pirelli GmbH. 1986 were finally at a reorganization of the Pirelli subsidiaries in Germany, the Pirelli tire plants ( PRW ) founded, managed in partnership with other actors in Germany Pirelli companies under the umbrella of the Pirelli Germany GmbH.


Through the acquisition of cable production from Siemens in Neustadt bei Coburg and other production facilities in the UK Pirelli was for a time the largest European manufacturer of energy and telecommunications cables.

After fruitless search for a prospect for the cable division, which could win the approval of the antitrust authorities, the cable production in mid-2005 has been completely sold to the newly established company Prysmian to fund further significant investments in the tire sector.


Since 2000, Pirelli operates in the field of high-speed data connections.


Prelios (formerly Pirelli & C. Real Estate SpA) is a housing association, and was a former subsidiary of Pirelli & C. SpA. Since October 2010 she is listed as a separate company on the stock exchange.


In May 2010 it was announced that Pirelli plans to split the company. Thus, the previous holding company Pirelli & C. SpA is exclusively involve the production of tires, while the Pirelli Real Estate ( Pirelli RE) should be listed separately on the stock exchange. The existing shareholding in the Pirelli & C. SpA of 58 % of Pirelli RE is intended to be delivered completely to the shareholders of Pirelli RE SpA.


According to press reports in March 2014 plans Rosneft (the largest oil company in Russia ) an indirect stake in Pirelli. Rosneft would take over 50 percent of a new holding company, which in turn holds more than 20 percent of Pirelli, the bank Intesa Sanpaolo announced. Maybe Rosneft is now the largest shareholder Pirelli. Clessidra, an Italian private equity firm will sell its share.


Pirelli is the main sponsor of the Italian soccer club Inter Milan and also provides the standard tires for the FIM Superbike World Championship and the FIA World Rally Championship. In addition, Pirelli has supplied since 2011, the Formula 1 and the GP2 series with standard tires. The Swiss Pirelli Tyre (Suisse ) SA Branch is also back sponsor of the Swiss football club FC Basel and sponsor of the Swiss Ski Federation Swiss ski.


Since 1964, the company is the annually published in a limited edition Pirelli calendar in order, which is not available for purchase due to its small number of pieces, but is issued only to selected friends and customers of the company. Therefore, the calendar is highly sought after and also of enormous value for the owner.


Pirelli has produced a lavish promotional film entitled " The Call" with John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell. The film can be seen so far only online ( see links ) and represents the Pirelli slogan Power is nothing without control as sacred battle between good and evil dar. Even the Catholic Church has claimed Pirelli Information not object to the publicity stunt. Currently, a new short film called " Mission Zero " with Uma Thurman in the lead at the start. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. In the Internet to see: Mission Zero