Breuberg is a city in the Odenwald district, in Hesse, Germany. The administrative headquarters is located in the largest district of Sandbach.

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Breuberg located in the northern Odenwald. On August 16, 1971, the municipalities Grove City, New Town, Sandbach and forest Amorbach closed as a result of municipal reform in Hesse to the new, after centrally located in the municipality castle named city Breuberg together. The city council sat henceforth in Sandbach, the largest district. The town rights in 1378 by Emperor Charles IV to the settlement Neustadt. It was originally created as a residential area for employees of the lords and developed from the 14th century a fortified market and agricultural town with its own jurisdiction. Over the years, craftsmen and farmers who took care of the livelihood of the lords and their people with settled on along the old trade route.

Neighboring communities

Breuberg bordered to the north by the city of Groß -Umstadt (Darmstadt- Dieburg ) and the community Mömlingen, in the east on the town Obernburg (both Miltenberg district in Bavaria), in the south on the community Lützelbach and in the west on the community of maximum.


The city consists of the districts grove city, New Town, Rai -Breitenbach, Sandbach ( the municipal seat ) and forest - Amorbach.



On 31 December 1970, the until then independent municipality Rai -Breitenbach was incorporated into the town of Neustadt. This was awarded on October 1, 1971, together with Grove City, Sandbach and Wals- Amorbach the new city Breuberg.


Municipal authorities

The magistrate currently consists of nine members - the Mayor Frank Matiaske (SPD ), two honorary councilors and six honorary councilors (6 SPD, 2 and 1 Bündnis90/Grüne BWG ).

The magistrate thus belong to the future of the SPD Werner Seibert ( Deputy Chief Executive ), Angelika Romig - Saul, Ute Kowarschik, Walter Amend and Hubertus Starsinski. For the BWG Wolfgang Cieslik and Roland Koch and Horst Heckmann for the Greens in this body seat and vote.

City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

The inaugural meeting was held on May 2, 2011.

City Council Head was until December 14, 2011, Ms. Cornelia Fürpahs - Zipp (SPD). She stepped back for personal reasons. Her successor was Jörg Springer (SPD).

The city council had four committees, as well as a commission formed:

  • Main and Financial Committee ( 8 members, 5 SPD, 2 BWG and Bündnis90/Grüne 1 )
  • Construction and Transport Committee (10 members, including 6 SPD, BWG 2, 1 and 1 Bündnis90/Grüne CDU),
  • Environment and Agriculture Committee ( 8 members, 5 SPD, 2 and 1 Bündnis90/Grüne BWG ) and
  • Committee on Social Affairs and clubs ( 8 members, 5 SPD, 2 and 1 Bündnis90/Grüne BWG ) and the
  • Cultural Commission ( Composed of representatives of the political groups, the magistrate, the citizen and the administration).

Furthermore, the representatives of the city Breuberg were chosen for the following associations and organizations:

Association meeting of Abwasserverband sub ​​centers Lower Mümling Bernd Streichsbier (SPD ) Jürgen Riedner (SPD), Karl- Gottfried Scior (SPD ) Bodo Schwarz ( BWG)

Board of Abwasserverband sub ​​center - Lower Mümling Mayor Frank Matiaske (SPD ) Wolfgang Cieslik (BWG)

Association Meeting of the waste collection administration union Odenwald Theo Böhm ( SPD) Uwe Keller (SPD ) Friedlinde Koch ( BWG ) The Board of the refuse collection Zweckverbandes belongs to ex-officio Mayor Frank Matiaske.

Association meeting of the Water Board Mümling Karl Gottfried Scior (SPD ) Friedlinde Koch ( BWG ) The Board of Water Association is a member ex officio Mayor Frank Matiaske.

Association meeting EKOM 21 - KGRZ in Hesse Mayor Frank Matiaske (SPD )

About the occupation of the Cultural Commission, the Steering Group for the moderation process " Breuberg moves " and the advisory board of the diakonia Diakoniestation Breuberg is discussed in the next or the next city council meeting.

The turnout has once again fallen further.

In the federal elections in 2005 Breuberg reached the strongest first and second votes result for the SPD in the constituency 188 ( Odenwald ).


In Breuberg established in 1995 a Council of Foreigners, who is represented by nine citizens of different nationalities volunteers. Similarly, the City Council there is the Foreigners' Advisory Council meeting, which meets regularly. The Auländerbeirat represents the interests of foreign citizens Breubergs with non- German passport opposite the city. The Advisory Council chairman Isa is Karakas. In the last election on November 7, 2010, made ​​use of the option of 1175 voters 159 voters. This corresponds to a voter turnout of 13.53 per cent (2005: 10.29 %).

Coat of arms

Plate by an erect silver sword with a golden hilt split ( heraldic ) right in a silver blue, golden bebutzte Rose, left in red a silver six-pointed star.

With the adoption of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior on July 2, 1975, IV A 23-3 k 06 - 40/75 St.Anz. 29/1975 S. 1281, the city Breuberg in the Odenwald district, Region of Darmstadt, in accordance with § 14 para 1 of the Hessian Municipal Code, as amended from 1 July 1960 ( GVBI. p. 103) the above-described and illustrated crest, which until been merger of the town of Neustadt and the communities grove city, Sandbach and forest Amorbach was performed on 1 October 1971 by the former town of Neustadt, approved.

To complement the coat of arms description can be said: The sword symbolizes the market jurisdiction or the market of the former town of Neustadt peace, the rose is the emblem of the house Wertheim removed, the star of the house Erbach. The coat of arms of the former town of Neustadt performs a rotbebutzte rose.


Three tracks Red-White- Blue, in the upper half flag hung the coat of arms.


  • Germany Austria Hungary Czech Republic Poland Slovakia The Netherlands Breuberg is for his district Neustadt member of the largest international cities Friendship Association Neustadt in Europe, in which 37 cities and towns (as of 03-2014 ) named Neustadt Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and the Netherlands have joined forces. In Breuberg is the seat of the office of the Association.


Burg Breuberg

The Breuberg Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Germany. The so-called core castle was built in the 12th century. Since the 14th century the castle was repeatedly extended, so that the castle now offers a journey through the architectural styles of the past 850 years. The castle was probably damaged but never destroyed, and used as the center of rule Breuberg and later as a district office of the District Administrator District Breuberg what their good condition explained. Today the building is owned by the State of Hesse and for over 90 years, serves as a youth hostel and museum.

Another medieval building on Breuberg district is the Muehlhaeuser chateau south of Mulhouse.

New Town Old Town

The Rodensteiner manor house from 1569 is one of the most distinctive half-timbered houses in the New Town Old Town; It was renovated during the renovation of villages under a lot of initiative and support of the people of the city Breuberg, the Odenwald district and the State of Hesse. In front of it stands today is unique in Germany wooden cross with the symbols of peace market and the market jurisdiction, gloves and sword of judgment. At the former city hall next to the Protestant church, temporarily also the seat of the district administration, a carillon was installed. Every two years ( to the odd -year figures ) takes place far above the Breubergs 's best- Historical Market.

Evangelical Church Sandbach

Since the Middle Ages the parish of Sandbach served as the mother church of many congregations in Breuberg country. The present church is the work of the Baroque period of the late 18th century, the tower but much older. Inside addition to the establishment of this period is the grave stone of Count Michael III. worth of Wertheim from the late Renaissance.

Sculpture Park

  • 32 sandstone sculptures at the Mümling floodplain of the sculptors Peter Hoerr, Sabine Wagner, Karin Ebert, Marianne Wagner, Paul August Wagner.
  • Sculptor meeting. The Kunstverein Breuberg each year invites sculptors to joint work in the sculpture field Breuberg - Aue one.

Quarry with their climbing

In the district grove city in the Valley of Mümling there is a quarry which has been established by the Odenwald Climbing Friends for climbing. It also provides a brief secured with wire cables ferrata. The Odenwald Climbing Friends ensure that the paths are maintained. The quarry is also within the catchment area of the section of the DAV Darmstadt.

Economy and infrastructure

Companies operating in the city Breuberg have national significance. After 1903, according to the patenting of the tread pattern for bicycle tires by Friedrich Veith ( 1860-1908 ) air tubes for bicycles and motorcycles were produced in the Sandbach area. 1963, the Group acquired Pirelli through stock purchases the majority stake in the Veith - rubber Werke GmbH with the simultaneous conversion to the Veith - Pirelli GmbH. The site moved below the settlement of other companies, like Metzeler and the Trelleborg Automotive Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of Trelleborg AB in the automotive division, according to. The rapid economic development caused an influx of foreign workers, especially from Turkey. (: Odenwald county: 10.0%, 11.1% compared Hesse ) and the adjacent Hochst Therefore, the high proportion of foreigners from 19.9 % in the urban area Breuberg explained.

From 3217 to 4118 social insurance workers in 2008 were employed in manufacturing companies:

  • Odenwald- fruits GmbH, fruit and vegetable processing in the district of Neustadt, founded in 1915 as a fruit and vegetable trade. 1955, after a record apple crop, the idea was born, canning fruit, canned as applesauce - it was the birth of the canning industry in Breuberg. 175 employees, turnover: 51 million euros (2006). Since 1991, a subsidiary of the French company Andros.
  • Pirelli tires Werke GmbH & Co KG, the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli is the main supplier for the automotive manufacturers BMW, Daimler AG and Porsche. The company was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the German subsidiary in Breuberg - Sandbach was founded in 1905 as Veith & Companie. 2510 employees, turnover: 775 million Euro (2007).
  • Robert Friedrich Metzeler opened in 1863 in Munich, a trading company for rubber and rubber-elastic goods. 1968 a further production plant was created in Breuberg; In 1978 the production of tires was discontinued, with the exception of motorcycle tires, shut down production at the Munich plant and transferred to the plant 2 by Breuberg in the Odenwald. 1986, the Metzeler rubber GmbH, a company of the Pirelli Group. In 1999, the business area Trelleborg Wheel Systems Trelleborg AB of Sweden, a joint venture with the Italian company Pirelli. Since 2001, Trelleborg is the sole owner of the license rights for the brand Pirelli agricultural tires that are manufactured in the former Metzeler system.
  • Tourism has become increasingly important with annual growth rates in Breuberg. In the year 2008 55770 overnight stays were recorded in the 507 available beds strangers ( 11.7 % of the total Odenwald district ).

Cycle paths

Through the city following cycle paths lead:

  • At the Mümling of the 225 km long 3-country bicycle route. He leads a tour through the tri-border region of Hesse, Baden- Württemberg and Bavaria. Along Mümling, Neckar and Main explores the Odenwald route. Part of this route is the 75 km long Mümling bike path, the upper castle with Hirschhorn joins the Neckar.
  • The Hessian Radfernweg R9 starts in Worms and performs more than 82 kilometers through the Odenwald to the Mümling and there to the Bavarian border.
  • The 16 km long 2- castles bike trail connects the two imposing castles Odenwald Breuberg Castle and Veste Otzberg.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Arnold Bergsträsser (* October 5, 1841; † January 5, 1897 in Darmstadt ) was a Hessian politicians (NLP ) and a former deputy of the 2nd Chamber of the Estates of the Grand Duchy of Hesse
  • Klaus Teuber ( born June 25, 1952 in Rai -Breitenbach ) known German game designer (including inventor of The Settlers of Catan )
  • Ralph Berner ( born March 28, 1968 in Sandbach ), Cyclists

Personalities who have lived and worked in Breuberg

  • Bernhard Würschmitt ( born November 21, 1788 in Mainz, † June 18, 1853 in Bad Bergzabern ) held from 1821 to 1825 as a Catholic priest of Breuberg. He was next to his priestly vocation a well-known sculptor and mainly created sculptures and grave stones of sandstone.
  • Friedrich Hartmann ( born December 4, 1859 in Mühlhausen, † September 5, 1934 in Neustadt ) was a Hessian Landtag (SPD).
  • Friedrich Veith ( born April 24, 1860 in Mainz, † September 6, 1908 in Sandbach ) was an inventor and entrepreneur, the Veith - works founded in Sandbach, where he opened a factory of rubber tires according to their own patents, which later became the company Veith - Pirelli emerged.
  • Oka Nikolov ( born May 25, 1974 in Erbach ), goalkeeper for Eintracht Frankfurt, grew up in Sandbach and began his career at SG Sandbach.