The Metzeler AG is a German tire manufacturer, headquartered in Munich.

The name Metzeler is known today primarily as a brand for motorcycle tires and mattresses.


1863-1900 Founder time

In 1863, the merchant Robert Friedrich Metzeler in Munich a trade for rubber goods. The assortment included technical and surgical articles, short and toys, waterproof clothing, air and water- tight utilitarian. 1871 Metzeler decided in addition to trading with the production of rubber products and to begin setting up its first factory in the Schwanthalerstraße in Munich's Westend. In 1874 he became " Royal Bavarian Hoffabrikant for rubber and gutta-percha ." In 1881 the company an unlimited company, the Metzeler oHG In 1887, the resources were no longer: A new plant in West Street 131-133 was built in the grounds now houses the Gewerbehof Westend. New methods of rubber processing were developed.

With the advent of aviation opened up for Metzeler a new business: During the first balloons still cases of canvas fabric, covered inside and out with durable paper or silk possessed, Metzeler developed an air-impermeable fabric, consisting of canvas, muslin and vulcanized rubber. At the Paris World Exhibition of 1878 gave the Metzeler cover for the hitherto largest tethered balloon with 36 meters in diameter. The onlookers were in it enjoy the view of Paris from 500 meters above sea level.

Thus, the success story of Metzeler began indeed to air. It was crucial, however, Fort Written by the development of the automobile, which would have been unthinkable without modern tires. Therefore, Metzeler involved actively in the development of bicycle, motorcycle and car tires. 1892 was granted by the Swiss Federal Office for Intellectual Property, the patent CH4828 entitled " rubber band with gewölbebogenartigem cross sections for bicycles and the like ."

1901-1975 Aktiengesellschaft

On May 7, 1901 Robert Friedrich Metzeler changed its company retroactively as of 1 January 1901 in an AG to and became a member of the Supervisory Board. The company was named to 10 March 1933 " Metzeler AG & Co". From 1933 the company changed its name to " Metzeler rubber Werke AG " and from 1965 as " Metzeler AG ". 1933, the first use suitable tires from the Buna synthetic rubber was produced - a success which must be seen above all in connection with the then desired self-sufficiency. 1945 were destroyed by enemy action two-thirds of the work. During the restoration process new business areas such as technical rubber products and products for the rapidly growing leisure market in addition to the tire sector emerged. The range of rubber and plastic products has been constantly expanding, such as PVC floor coverings, rubber tubes, mattresses, wheels and flaps, workshop materials, polyester articles, paragraphs for the footwear industry, scuba divers articles, boat building for sports and leisure, plates and foils of various plastics, glue and paste, etc. Together with the range tires for motorcycles, cars and trucks Metzeler developed in the postwar years as a globally active Group.

1972 there was a capital increase from 75 to 100 million DM DM additional 25 million were taken from the chemical company Bayer AG. Thus, Bayer achieved a 35% stake in the Metzeler AG.

1974-1987 liquidation of the Metzeler AG, division

1974 took over the Bayer AG surprisingly three companies of the Metzeler Group: Metzeler rubber AG in Munich, Metzeler Schaum GmbH in Memmingen and Metzeler Isobau GmbH in Bad Wildungen and Mannheim. This led to a serious dispute between the existing shareholders of Bayer AG and the Federal Cartel Office, which led to the dissolution of the Metzeler AG in the following year. In 1978, for economic reasons, a restructuring with spin-off of Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems, Lindau. The tire production was concentrated on motorcycle tires and transferred from the Munich factory to factory Breuberg in the Odenwald. 1979 production at the Munich plant was finally closed, after which the city of Munich acquired the premises. 1986 Metzeler rubber GmbH was taken over by the Pirelli Group. The tires activities were summarized in the Metzeler Reifen GmbH, headquartered in Munich in 1987.

Metzeler Elephant

An elephant appeared in the company's history for the first time in 1906 at the International Automobile Exhibition in Berlin: Metzeler demonstrated there, the quality of its products with the help of an elephant who tried in vain to trample a tire. On August 21, 1951 corresponding picture mark was registered in the trademark register of the German Patent and Trademark Office ( AZ: 30744593.3 ). Apparently, should be associated with the elephant, the robustness and quality of the products offered by Metzeler (especially tires). In the following years countless little blue elephant made ​​of rubber were distributed as a giveaway to customers; First there were " hollow figures ", later it was solid rubber figures. The giveaways were produced largely by the company Adam Fischer, with the exception of the " Key Chains " (produced by the company Schleich ) and " erasers ". Today, Metzeler Elephants are a rare collector's item, which eBay has seen to it that the Blue noses are found more frequently.

Metzeler today

The newly founded companies part of the former AG Metzeler developed in the following years to successfully operating companies: Metzeler is one of the leading brands for motorcycle tires, with a market share of over 30% in Germany. The readers of the magazine voted Metzeler Motorcycle 2006 and 2008 for "Best Brand" in the tire segment. Metzeler Schaum GmbH is today with 500 employees for British Vita Group in Manchester and is Europe's leading foam manufacturers. Also at Vita Group is the company Metzeler Plastics GmbH 1989 newly founded.

The Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems GmbH has evolved into a leader in the field of automotive body seals. After several previous owners since March 2000, the private equity fund CVC main shareholder. In 2007, the ownership changed again. A competitor, Cooper Standard Automotive, based in the United States took over the Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems GmbH.

On the western part of the former factory premises built the housing cooperative Munich West eG about 100 apartments. On the eastern part of the area, a commercial complex in 1982 pursuant to a resolution of the City Council built.