Motorcycle tyre

The motorcycle tire makes with the rim the wheel of a motorcycle.

Tire size

A motorcycle tire is determined by the following information:

  • Tire width
  • Ratio of cross section to width in percent
  • Method of construction
  • Rim diameter
  • Load Index
  • Speed index

All data are visible on the sides on the motorcycle tires.

Old names


The first number is the tire width in inches. The letter stands for the allowable speed range and the number after the tire diameter from bead to bead. ( The bead - or the inner ring of the tire walls - ensures a secure fit of the tire on the rim, the bead core contains one or more wire cores with the matter specified carcass threads above the bead core sits the apex of Rubber To tire deformations can be when lateral forces. .. affect the steering response and ride comfort. )

Current designations

So does the inscription 160/60ZR17 ( 69W ) TL M / C as follows:

The inscription 130/80-18 69S TT denotes a diagonal tires and here:

This information must be in Germany with the data in the registration certificate (old: vehicle registration certificate ) match or there must be a tire approval. It is important that the combinations are assured of front and rear tires.

In some motorcycles to be used tires are even prescribed explicitly manufacturer and model name.

To be a bit more freedom in the choice of tires, but you can try these tires binding " unsubscribe " to leave. If that is not a manufacturer entry you have the freedom of choice between providers.

Another possibility is the release document a tire manufacturer. The entered therein tires you are allowed to use. The authorized release certificate extends the list in the vehicle registration without any red tape. She gives it the tire dealer or tire manufacturer, for downloading from the website of the company. Continental AG offers certification to even in credit card format.


  • Radial Tyre ( R)
  • Diagonal tires (-)
  • Bias-belted tires ( B)

Air pressure

Vehicle manufacturers write for each vehicle type exactly the tire air pressure before. This influences the driving behavior and thus the driving safety and tire life. The load capacity of the tire depends on the air pressure. Therefore, this is indicated in each case for the empty and the fully loaded vehicle. This information can be found in the vehicle handbook or in the recommendations of the tire manufacturer for the particular motorcycle model. The tire manufacturers publish this so-called tire manuals.

Tread depth

The tire tread depth must be at least 1.6 mm in Germany and Switzerland ( equivalent to 2 /32 inch ), otherwise the tire should be replaced. To make this easier to see, small surveys are incorporated into some grooves, called TWI = tread wear indicator. Most motorcycle tires, however, the TWI's exhibit at a height of only 0.8 mm, since this corresponds to an American standard height.

In Germany, the motorcyclist, who is traveling with less than 1.6 mm tread depth, the legal limit exceeded ( Road Traffic Licensing Regulations § 36: tires and treads, Article 2) count and must be fine and 3 points on their driving. However, in mopeds, mopeds and light motorcycles sufficient tread depth of at least 1 mm.

Tire performance

The life of a tire is limited. The tire manufacturers recommend a tire that is five to six years old, throw it away, because the tire is aging even at standstill by the brittle rubber. Since the 80s of the 20th century, the so-called DOT number is vulcanized on the sidewall of the tire. The original three - now four-digit number indicates the week of production, and the production year. For tires from 2000, the name is always four digits, for example 2203 = 22 production week of the year 2003. Production week can differ by one week of the calendar week of each year.

If a direction indicated by arrows on the sidewall of the tire, the wheel must rotate when driving direction of the arrow.

The mileage is the distance a tire travels from the new state to the (mostly due to wear ) necessary change. For road tires, a change is at the latest when the minimum tread depth required - colloquially: " it is bald ".

At the motorcycle tire mileage of the achievable depends on many factors, some of which are:

  • Tire make
  • Tire type ( Sport, Sport Touring, Enduro )
  • Individual driving style - frequent acceleration and braking increases the wear
  • Speed ​​- at very high speeds, the wear increases sharply
  • Tire pressure - in case of incorrect tire pressure increases the wear
  • Weight (payload )

Essential for the running performance are the mixtures of materials used. This is known as soft tire with great traction and increased wear and hard with less traction and less wear.

The tire manufacturers offer for the different fields of application ( track, sport, touring, enduro ) specially tuned tires. Depending on the application the achievable mileages thus very different. A soft tire specially designed for the race track to have the best grip, but must be replaced after a few 100 km frequently. A harder tire for touring journeys still has a good adhesion ability, but can reach 10000 km and more. Some manufacturers use mixed forms for the tread: soft outer areas for high angle adhesion and a harder medium range for a high mileage in the frequent driving straight ahead.

Gilstern refers to the editing of motorcycle tires with an appropriate tool, the Gilsterhobel. This is the road adhesion performance in rain and snow.

Tire maintenance in Germany

Motorcycles have in Germany mostly in the vehicle documents information on the permissible tire. Notwithstanding these data can be driven with a tire clearance certificate (UBB ) by the tire manufacturer. The UBB always contains detailed information on the tire pairing, the technical details on the tires and information on the vehicle for which the UBB applies. In addition, to make additional conditions, the UBB.

For motorcycles without tires registered bond, only the allowable dimensions in the vehicle documents. Permissible wheel then obtained from the dimensions and specifications of the vehicle such as the speed and the weight.


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