Mediaset is a television station group, which was founded by the later Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The media group Mediaset is embedded in the Fininvest Holding, in which the family Berlusconi holds just under 51 percent. It has three inter-regional private television stations: Italia 1, Rete 4 and Canale 5 is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.


Mediaset was the first group of channels that aired a uniform program throughout Italy. Although there was a law that forbade this, but Berlusconi gave way to the law of, by simultaneously happening videotapes on numerous regional stations of the same name, and as yet a unified program offered. After some time, his method was forbidden, but the Italian population had become so accustomed to mainly American shows, that the law was tilted. In addition to the public broadcasters RAI and Mediaset La7 the three stations are the only stations that can be received by antenna far republic.

Mediaset owns 50 percent of shares in the largest Italian publishing house Mondadori.

The company is located in Cologno Monzese (Milan), where also the main center for the television productions is. Further manufacturing facilities are located in the district Milano 2 ( Segrate ) and in Rome. The district Milano 2 of Berlusconi's company Fininvest was created. Mediaset also operates in Spain, where it holds through its subsidiary Mediaset Investimenti 50.13 % at the TV station Telecinco, which was co-founded by Berlusconi and now is the largest TV stations in the Spanish market.

Mediaset controls, among other things also one of the world's largest advertising agencies, especially, but not exclusively, produced advertising for television. The largest companies are Publitalia 80 ( for the Italian market ), Publiespaña ( for Telecinco ) and Publieurope ( for all other markets).

Since 1 December 2003, Mediaset also transfers in the formats DTT or DVB -T, through a decoder and since August 2005, a second decoder.

Regular only two of the Mediaset TV channels can be sent in Italy, Canale 5 and Italia 1 About the position of Rete 4 has been discussed for 20 years, since overcharging monopoly of Mediaset is feared. Mediaset has also acquired HSE24 ( now sold ), the free, digital -to-air children's channel Boing founded and created with Mediaset Premium, a pay - per-view offering.

Coming soon new channels for the DVB-H standard to be created ( the new standard for television by mobile phone ).

To give an indication of pluralism, which it has never been in Italy (if they are the duopoly in the Italian television landscape ), the Italian competition law requires that at least 40 % of the Mediaset channels will be sold or rented to third parties. We have entered into agreements with Vodafone and 3, also the frequencies of Sport Italia were bought. The competition authority has added the consent, but under one condition: The frequencies may only be used for mobile television, not for analog TV reception.

Criticism and controversy

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on 15 June 2010 a judgment which orders the repayment of state aid to the group Mediaset. Which can make a three-digit million sum. It's about subsidies for the purchase of decoders for receiving digital terrestrial channel line.

Due to one-sided reporting especially during election campaigns, the Mediaset group was criticized. The mission of Studio Aperto was therefore sentenced by the Italian media regulator to pay a fine of 100,000 euros, the mission of the station TG4 Rete 4 has to pay 200,000 euros.

Companies of the group Mediaset

  • Endemol (since 2006)
  • Publitalia '80
  • RTI
  • Video Time
  • Elettronica Industriale
  • Media Friends ( GGmbH )
  • Mediavivere (produced soap operas for Canale 5)
  • Publiespaña (advertising for Telecinco )
  • Publieurope


  • Canale 5
  • Italia 1
  • Rete 4
  • Telecinco ( Spain )
  • Cuatro ( Spain )

Satellite channels

  • Mediaset Plus

Spread on 1 January 2006 set:

  • MT Channel, formerly pay-TV platform Tele / Sky Italia.
  • Happy Channel, formerly pay-TV platform Tele / Sky Italia.
  • Duel TV, formerly on pay-television platform Stream TV / Sky Italia.
  • Italia Teen Television, formerly pay-TV platform Sky Italia.

Dissemination set on 31 July 2003 (after the merger of Stream TV and Tele to Sky Italia ):

  • Comedy Life Stream formerly pay-TV platform TV.

Digital channels

  • Boing
  • Iris ( TV channel )
  • La 5
  • Mediaset extra
  • For You
  • Italia 2
  • Cartoonito
  • Tgcom 24

Pay TV

  • Mediaset Premium