Assicurazioni Generali

Assicurazioni Generali SpA is the largest Italian insurance group. In 1998, he acquired a majority stake of 65 per cent at the former AMB Aachener und Münchener Beteiligungs -AG ( AMB), which was renamed in Germany Generali Holding AG.

Company History

Generali was established in 1831/32 in the then Austrian Trieste, where is the corporate headquarters to this day. The company was originally called Assicurazioni Generali Austro - Italiche, founders were the merchant Joseph Lazarus Morpurgo (1759-1834) and the lawyer Giambatista Rosmini. Morpurgo was thus a pioneer of insurance for all of Austria - Hungary. The company developed rapidly and was already in the first years of a total loss of several million guilders handle.

Today, the Generali Group is active in 68 countries around the world and is ranked among the 100 largest companies in the world on the Forbes list. In the global insurance industry Generali is by Allianz, AXA, ING Groep and American International Group in fifth place. By 2006, all the subsidiaries were summarized in Central and Eastern Europe under the umbrella of Generali Holding Vienna AG, which has its headquarters in Vienna. After the purchase of the largest Czech insurance, Česká pojišt'ovna, the newly established East European holding company, however, relocate to Amsterdam, the operational management will be in Prague. At this Holding, Generali will hold 51 percent and the Czech financial group PPF 49 percent. The Vienna Generali Branch, who previously were under the Eastern European operations, will sell their Eastern European investments in the parent company Assicurazioni Generali, which then brings them into the East Holding.

In Switzerland, Generali has in the 1990s, the previously independent Swiss insurance Union (Geneva), Familia (St. Gallen), adopted Fortuna ( Tages-Anzeiger ) and Secura (Migros ) and joined the Generali Switzerland. The headquarters of the Generali Switzerland 's Knives ( near Zurich ) with over 2,000 employees. Since 1998, the Swiss private bank BSI SA is fully owned by the Generali Group.

The writer Franz Kafka worked from October 1907 to July 1908 as a lawyer at Generali branch in Prague.

Ownership structures

  • 27.54 % main owner 13.24% Mediobanca Group
  • 4.49% Banca d' Italia
  • 3.00% Leonardo Del Vecchio
  • 2.43% B & D Holding Group
  • 2.23% Gruppo Caltagiorone
  • 2.15% Effeti SpA

Stand April 21, 2012


Generali holds, among others, more than 49 percent of the National Alliance Assicurazioni.

The Latin inscription of the consolidated logos pax tibi marce evangelista meus can be with Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist translate and refers to the Lion of St. Mark, the patron saint and emblem of the Maritime Republic of Venice.


It is necessary to distinguish between the following three things:

Generali Holding AG Germany

Generali insurance

  • Assicurazioni Generali ( Trieste ) - is the Italian parent company
  • Generali Holding AG Germany (Cologne) - is the German holding company are consolidated under the several insurance companies
  • Generali Insurance (Munich ) - are occurring under the name Generali on the market life and property insurance