Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) is the American name for the Executive Board Member ( German, Swiss and Austrian Title: Managing Director): a company (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, German, Swiss and Austrian name) or or the Chief Executive Officer or General simply its own drawing justifiable managing director. As part of the internationalization of firms, the Anglo-Saxon Titulierungen listed are increasingly being used by organizations in German-speaking countries, without, however, possess a commercial or corporate relevance.

The title of CEO is needed regardless of size and legal form of the company. The CEO represents the strategic orientation of the company and are therefore the targets for the operational business before, but this is not usually conducts itself That is the job of a Chief Operating Officer in the hierarchically senior management or management function.

Different meaning

In British English, this position is referred to with the title Managing Director, but this is in the US-American associated with a lower (average) level of the hierarchy. In U.S. companies where the board consists of more than one person, the first member of the board is often referred to as the CEO, which is the German CEO.

In some countries - such as Canada - part of the CEO, although the Executive Board, but is not the Chairman, but in the hierarchy of equal importance to the CFO.

In politics and in public administration comes before the title CEO. So appointed by the central government of China Hong Kong Special District President or Governor has the official title of Chief Executive ( Officer ) in the English transfer.

CEO and President are to be distinguished from the Chairman of the Board (COB ), the one chairman ( Switzerland: Chairman of the Board ) corresponds to that of joint-stock companies or an advisory board chairman (or similar ) of companies with other forms of society (see also Supervisory Board ( Switzerland ), Advisory Board ).

To be distinguished from the standing to the committee, headed by CEO is also the CO or CxO, Chief ... Officer, which is a "normal" Board ( Board Member ) and in that capacity for usually a particular area ( eg Finance - CFO ) is responsible is.

For people who work in German companies, provides, for example the title of CEO just an additional name is, which is not legally relevant, that is, by not touching the commercial and corporate legal meanings of the title " CEO " and / or " CEO " be.

Also in the Swiss Commercial and Corporate Law, the term CEO has no meaning. He is regarded merely as a function paraphrase mostly for the managing director, if this officiated in personal union as Chairman or Chief Executive Officer.