The governor (French governor ) is the leader of a civil or military area in a geographically limited area. Previously, governors and regents tasks similar to today's governors.

Word origin

The word goes back to Greek κυβερνήτης kybernetes " helmsman " ( which also Cybernetics and English cyber descended ). Among the Romans, the function was called Gubernator " helmsman ", from which eventually emerged modern words: French governor, governor english, spanish gobernador, Italian Governatore, Russian губернатор Gubernator.

The meaning of the word by a governor is thus someone who sets the direction.

Civilian Governors

Today, there are civilian governors, for example:

  • In those member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, in which the British Queen is head of state (except UK ): In these so-called Commonwealth Realms, the Queen is represented by a Governor-General, at the level of the Australian and Canadian member States by a governor
  • In the British overseas territories as a representative of the British Crown


  • In the provinces of the People's Republic of China, see Governor ( People's Republic of China)
  • In the states of India, used as the representative head of the President
  • In the modern prefectures of Japan
  • In Russia as the heads of the federal subjects ( administrative units ), see Governor (Russia)
  • In the provinces of Turkey


  • In the Argentine provinces
  • In the states of Brazil
  • In the states of Mexico
  • In the states and overseas territories of the United States as leaders, see Governor (United States)


  • In the Angolan provinces
  • In the 13 regions of Namibia

Previously, there were governors:

  • In the colonies of European countries and America
  • In the historical provinces of France ( before the French Revolution ) at the top of the governorates
  • In the old province of Japan, see Kokushi

Military Governors

Military Governors are the supreme commander of a fort, a garrison, a military facility or militarily occupied territory ( country ) (see occupation, occupation zone ).

Other meanings

Governor is also

  • The French translation for Governor
  • The boss (President) of a central bank (eg Oesterreichische Nationalbank )
  • The former name for male tutor in princely households