A Governor-General is the chief administrative officer of a large area, used especially in the colonial context.

  • Commonwealth realms: in the independent countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, in which the British monarch (as of 2013) is the head of state, is called their direct representatives as Governor General. He is appointed by the monarch on the proposal of the respective governments and takes on their behalf perceive the measures envisaged by the respective jurisdictions ceremonial and constitutional functions.
  • India: Supreme representatives of the British Crown, which in addition also the title of Viceroy of India led ( 1859-1947 ).
  • German Empire: the supreme representative of the German Reich in the General Government in occupied Poland existed from 1939-1945. The only Governor-General Hans Frank was.
  • In other areas, see General (disambiguation)
  • Prussia: in a state of imminent threat of war or appointed in a state of war, he was in charge of the entire military and political management of a threatened enemy province, as well as a conquered enemy territory.
  • France: in colonial areas, such as in the larger overseas possessions of France, the chief administrative officer.
  • Netherlands: The Governors-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1610-1798 officiated on behalf of the Dutch East India Company, then to 1949 on behalf of the state.
  • Portugal: Supreme representative of the Portuguese king in the time of discovery and after the colonial period (until 1999, Macau), especially in Asia (located in Goa, India) of the so-called " Estado da India ", as well as chief representative of the King in Portuguese America or Brazil. In both cases, the Governors General alternated with viceroys. In the case of Portugal, was the appointment of two governors-general of the proof of the power of Portugal that it could represent one of the smallest colonial powers in the world, after all for two vast areas of governors general.
  • Russia: as authorized representatives of the President Head of one of the eight federal districts of the Russian Federation.
  • Russian Empire: the chief official of a province or the supervisor of several provincial governors.
  • Sweden: The Kingdom of Sweden had the belonging to Sweden Pomerania, later Swedish -Pomerania ( with Stralsund and the island of Rügen) administered by governors general.
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