Telecom Italia

The Telecom Italia SpA is a private Italian telecommunications company with headquarters in Milan.


The company was created in 1994 through the merger of five companies (SIP, Iritel Italcable, Telespazio, SIRM ) of the former state holding company IRI - STET. In the following years there were sometimes drastic rationalization, was repeatedly severely degraded as a consequence of the workforce. In October 1997, the Italian government began the privatization, where you could get a so-called " golden share " for a certain time.

In November 1998, Franco Bernabè ' Amministratore Delegato ' by Telecom Italia. In February 1999, bidders came forward with a takeover bid for Telecom Italia. Bernabè spoke out against the takeover offer and considered countermeasures ( including a merger with Deutsche Telekom). In May, the takeover began, and Olivetti acquired 51 % of the shares of Telecom Italia. In June 1999 Bernabè resigned.

1999 acquired Roberto Colaninno a complex Unternehmensverschachtelung around Olivetti a controlling stake in Telecom Italia. Today, about 50 % of shares owned by institutional investors are Italian (with Pirelli through direct and indirect holdings exercises control ), about 25 % are in Italian free float, the rest hold predominantly foreign investors. Telecom Italia operates the vast majority of the Italian fixed-line telephone network ( with Internet services) and is Telecom Italia Mobile ( TIM), the most important mobile operator in Italy. The subsidiary Telecom Italia Media examines among others TV station La 7 and MTV Italia, and the news agency Apcom. About Olivetti, Telecom Italia is also in the field of information technology act ( Olivetti merged in 2003 with Telecom Italia, the traditional brand name is now used for the IT department ). Internet services are offered under the brand Alice.

The company had about 71,000 employees in 2009, continued in 2010 in nine countries around € 27.6 billion and posted a net profit of 3.1 billion euros. The ( adjusted) net debt stood at 31.5 billion euros (2009: 33.9 billion euros ). By the end of 2013, the debt should be reduced to 25 billion euros.

In September 2006, employees of Telecom Italia fell into a nationwide wiretapping scandal.

On 13 April 2011, the Supervisory Board appointed Franco Bernabè ' Presidente Esecutivo ' (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer ).

Foreign countries

In 2003, Telecom Italia Hamburg telephone and Internet provider HanseNet and offered its Internet services under the brand name Alice. Mid- September 2006, Telecom Italia announced the proposed acquisition of the German AOL for Internet access business, which was completed in March 2007. On 5 November 2009 an agreement for sale of HanseNet / Alice was signed for 900 million euros to Telefónica Germany. Including an examination of the relevant competition authorities as well as their necessary approvals, the sale was completed in February 2010.

The current under the name of Alice activities in France were sold in 2008 to Iliad.

Ownership structure

The only major shareholder is the Telco SpA with a share of 22.39 %. This investment vehicle of Telefónica, Assicurazioni Generali, Mediobanca and Intesa Sanpaolo acquired the equity stake in 2007 for 4.1 billion euros. 2010 had a depreciation in the amount of 1 billion will be made ​​in 2012 were further € 901 million written off.