Telecom Italia Mobile

Telecom Italia Mobile TIM short, is an Italian mobile operators. It is organized in the form of a stock corporation and a 100 % owned subsidiary of the former Italian State Telekom, Telecom Italia.

International Activities

In addition to the Italian home market TIM is present with its own networks in Brazil and Turkey, or is there involved in network operators.

35.3 million customers (30 September 2007 )

29.2 million customers (30 September 2007 )

  • Share of 10 percent by TIM
  • 12.4 million customers (June 2009)

Former foreign interests

In early 2004 Telestet Hellas was taken over and renamed on February 8, 2004 in TIM Hellas. Due to massive financial problems of Telecom Italia TIM Hellas had but, on 4th April 2005 for 1,114 million euros to the financial investors Apax Partners and Texas Pacific Group are sold.

TIM has acquired a stake of 50 percent at the state ENTEL Bolivia on 27 November 1995. ENTEL for six years should have a telephone monopoly for short and long distance calls. In 2001, the monopoly of ENTEL was lifted. ENTEL Bolivia was nationalized on 1 May 2008 under the government of President Evo Morales again.

TIM Peru was in 2002 the third largest mobile operator in Peru to Movistar and BellSouth. In 2005, the Telecom Italia Mobile TIM Peru had her daughter sell to América Móvil, which was subsequently renamed Claro.

TIM has its share in the Venezuelan mobile operator Digitel TIM to Televenco, a subsidiary of Cisneros Group sells, which operates it as Digitel today. The sale was approved by the Venezuelan regulator Conatel.