Arden International

Arden International is a British motor racing team based in Banbury (England). The team was founded in 1997 by Garry and Christian Horner and and entered in the International Formula 3000 Championship until 2004. Since 2005 Arden compete in the GP2 series. After the team took in the GP2 series with Dutch license in the years 2007-2010, it starts again since 2011 with British license. In the GP3 series founded in 2010, Arden is also represented. It occurs there as MW Arden with Australian license, since it is supported by Mark Webber.

In the Formula 3000 Arden won the team title in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Bjorn Home (2003) and Vitantonio Liuzzi ( 2004) with Arden Formula 3000 champion.

In the GP3 series brought Mitch Evans ( 2012) and Daniil Kwjat (2013 ) the title.

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Christian Horner was active until 1997 in various racing series. In 1997 he founded with his father Garry, the team Arden International and entered in the International Formula 3000 Championship with this team. As a driver, Christian Horner was initially active themselves for the team. In the debut season, Horner could only qualify in four out of ten races, but he managed to score a point in the last race of the season. Arden took the end of the season 16 overall.

1998 Horner came along with Kurt Mollekens and renamed the team in Arden Racing. While Mollekens with two second place finishes came in seventh place overall, remained without Horner points. In the team standings, Arden improved to seventh place. 1999, no longer rose Horner himself into the cockpit, but obliged the pilots Viktor Maslov and Marc Goossens. While Maslov was able to qualify for any race, Goossens succeeded although some times the qualification, the finish he never came, however. After Arden had already received financial support from Russia in 1999, it joined in 2000 as Arden Team Russia. Maslov remained the team and trained with Darren Manning, driving a for the season. Manning was able to build on past successes and earned the team two podium finishes. Maslov could qualify for several races, but never came across the 15 square. In the team standings Arden finished in eighth place. In addition, in 1999 and 2000, they competed in the Italian Formula 3000 and won the second season the team championship.

In 2001 there were no changes in the driver pairing. While Manning has had another podium Square, Maslov could not score points again. In the team standings are deteriorated this season to ninth place. In 2002, we undertook the driver pairing and Bjorn home and Tomáš Enge, who finished third overall last year. In the fourth race of the season at the A1- Ring scored the first victory for tightness Arden. As If Home took second place, it was also the first double victory of the team. In the rest of the season was followed by two more victories of tightness and a victory of Will 's home. In addition, Arden continued this season over the other teams and won the team title ahead of Coloni. Tight first won the championship title of the driver, but he tested positive after the race at the Hungaroring on cannabis and therefore disqualified for doping. Finally, Tight third in the championship.

2003 was called the team around in Arden International. If home was at Arden, and the second pilot Townsend Bell has been committed. While Will Home dominated the season and only one race is not finished at number one or two, Bell could not keep up with his team-mate and eventual champions and had to settle for a podium placement. Arden also won this season's championship team. 2004 undertook Vitantonio Liuzzi you and Robert Doornbos. This season dominated an Arden- pilot Formula 3000: Liuzzi won seven out of ten races and was second twice. Also Doornbos, who finished third at the end of the season, won a race. Arden won this season for the third time in a row the team title.

A1 Grand Prix

In the A1 Grand Prix, founded in 2005 Arden competed in the debut season. Arden managed the A1 Team Great Britain. In the first ten of the eleven race weekends Robbie Kerr was the driver - he went seven times on the podium. On the last race weekend in China Kerr was replaced by Darren Manning. He drove in addition once on the podium, but both drivers managed to not win. The team finished the season in third place overall. Following this season, the Seat Holder of the British team continued the inserts in the series on their own. Arden continued his involvement in the A1GP discontinued with another team.

GP2 Series

After the formula was 3000 set the end of 2004, we entered from 2005 to the successor series GP2. As a driver were Heikki Kovalainen, Master of the World Series by Renault in 2004, and Nicolas Lapierre committed. Although Kovalainen won as many races as the later champion Nico Rosberg, however, as he scored fewer points, he had to settle for the runner-up title. Lapierre was with a third place eleventh. Arden was second in the team standings. After Kovalainen was changed as a test pilot in the Formula 1 Renault, was Michael Ammer Müller 2006 New teammate of Lapierre. The season was spoiled by success for the team, unlike in previous years, because only Ammer Müller was able to achieve a race victory. Best Arden- pilot was at the end of the season Lapierre, who was represented at two race weekends by Neel Jani. In the team standings Arden took fourth place.

As of 2007, the team with a Dutch racing license started. Bruno Senna, nephew of the late Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna and Adrian Zaugg were taken as contract pilots. While Senna could win a race and was third twice, to Zaugg had to make do with some points standings. For the last race of the season Zaugg was replaced by Filipe Albuquerque. In the team standings, Arden deteriorated to seventh place overall.

From 2008 we also went to the newly formed GP2 Asia Series. Sébastien Buemi contested the full season and Adam Khan was replaced after two runs of Yelmer Buurman. Buemi won a race and was runner-up and also Arden took second place in the team standings. In the season 2008, the European GP2 series began the season with Buemi and Buurman, who was replaced mid-season by Luca Filippi. Buemi get two wins and he secured the sixth place overall. Arden finished sixth in the drivers' standings.

In the 2008/2009 GP2 Asia Series season Luiz Razia went to Arden International. The second cockpit was from the third race weekend Edoardo Mortara, who Mika Mäki and Renger van der Zande, who participated in the first runs replaced. At the last race of the season Razia scored the only victory for Arden, the sixth were in the team standings. In the GP2 Series Mortara kept his cockpit and was reinforced by Sergio Pérez. The highlight of the season was a victory of Mortara at the second race of the season. Perez scored two podium finishes. Arden finished eighth in the team standings.

In the season 2009/2010 GP2 Asia Series Charles Pic and Rodolfo González began the season for Arden. For the second race weekend replaced GP2 veteran Javier Villa González. In the European GP2 Series Pic and González went again in 2010 for Arden International at the start. Pic reached with a win and a third place overall tenth, while González with two points rankings was 21. The team finished seventh in the overall standings.

From the season Arden started again with a British license. In the GP2 Asia Series 2011 season competed for the team Josef Král and Jolyon Palmer. The team reached the tenth place in the standings with one podium finish. For the GP2 Series 2011 season were the driver pairing as in the GP2 Asia Series Král and Palmer. Král drove twice on the podium and finished 15th overall while Palmer reached no points and was 28. This Arden came eleventh overall in the team standings.

In the 2012 GP2 Series season Luiz Razia and Simon Trummer drove for Arden International. This Razia won the feature race at Sepang and three sprint races in Barcelona, Valencia and Silverstone and was runner-up. Seim teammate Trummer went three times in the points and was at the end of the overall standings with a total of 23 four wins and nine podium finishes was the team with 226 points, third in the overall standings.

2013 were Johnny Cecotto Jr. and Mitch Evans, who won last year with Arden the championship title in the GP3 series, committed as a driver. Evans went four times on the podium and finished the season from 14th, while Cecotto without podium was 16. In the team standings Arden finished the season in eighth place overall.

GP3 Series

Since 2010 Arden International also competes in the GP3 Series. Since the team is supported there by Mark Webber, it continues with Australian license under the name of MW Arden. As a driver Michael Christensen, Miki Monras and Leonardo Cordeiro were committed. Monras was the only one of the three drivers in the points import and stood in two sprint races on the podium. At the end of the season Arden finished ninth and penultimate thus in the team classification.

For the 2011 season, three new drivers were required. Mitch Evans, Simon Trummer and Lewis Williamson went for the team at the start. Evans succeeded in the main race of the second race weekend of the first victory for MW Arden. Later in the season, Williamson won a second time. The team improved in the team standings to second.

While Evans remained with MW Arden in the GP3 series, Trummer rose team internally in the GP2 Series. Williamson initially received no cockpit. Signings for the 2012 season were David and Matias Laine Fumanelli. Evans won with three wins and three other Podestplatziergunen this season's championship title. In the team standings Arden was second again.

2013 went to the team with a completely new driving heritage setting Tung: Carlos Sainz Jr., Robert Vişoiu and Daniil Kwjat. Rookie Kwjat won the season in the penultimate race of the season, having previously not even held the lead in the championship. The team finished the third consecutive second place in the team standings.

Formula Renault 3.5

In collaboration with Caterham Arden came from the 2012 season as Arden Caterham in the Formula Renault 3.5 series. At the start of the season were Alexander Rossi, Formula 1 test driver for Caterham, and Lewis Williamson, best driver of MW Arden in the GP3 Series season in 2011, obliged. In the third round of the season Rossi secured the team with a third place, the first podium finish. Williamson was replaced after the third race weekend of António Félix da Costa. Félix da Costa won four times in the last five races and finished fourth overall. He beat his teammate Rossi, who had driven more five races, clearly with 166 to 63 points. In the team standings, Arden Caterham secured immediately took second place.

2013 remained Félix da Costa received as a driver. His new team-mate Pietro Fantin was. Félix da Costa sat down again well within the team through. While he was third overall, Fantin occupied only the 21th Place. In the team standings, the team deteriorated to position four.

Arden drivers in Formula 1

A total of ten Arden pilots experience in Formula 1 have made. Five pilots have been started at least a Formula 1 race.

  • Michael Ammer Müller, 2006 was active as a test pilot for Red Bull Racing.
  • Sébastien Buemi occurs since 2009 for Toro Rosso in Formula 1 at.
  • Robert Doornbos started in 2005 and 2006 for a total of eleven Formula 1 race.
  • Tomáš Enge took prior to joining Arden as a pilot of Prost Grand Prix in three Formula 1 races of the 2001 part.
  • Neel Jani was active in 2006 as a test pilot at Toro Rosso.
  • Heikki Kovalainen joined since 2007 for several Formula 1 teams and currently stands at Caterham under contract.
  • Daniil Kwjat was active in 2013 as a test pilot for Toro Rosso and will go into the 2014 season for the team at the start.
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi came from 2005 to 2011 for several Formula 1 teams to 80 Formula 1 races.
  • Darren Manning worked in the 2000 Formula 1 season parallel to his Formula 3000 commitment as a test pilot for British American Racing.
  • Bruno Senna had his 2010 Formula 1 debut with HRT and stood in 2012 at Williams under contract.
  • Bjorn home in 2004 was active as a test pilot at Jaguar Racing.


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