Moscow Raceway

Address: 12 bld. 5 Teterinskiy sidestreet Moscow 109004

56.00027777777836.268888888889Koordinaten: 56 ° 0 ' 1 "N, 36 ° 16' 8" O

The Moscow Raceway is a motorsport race track about 80 kilometers north-west of the Russian capital Moscow in Volokolamsk. It was opened in 2012 and was this year's Superbike World Championship and the World Series by Renault from.

Planning and construction

In September 2008, the plans for a permanently occupied motorsport race in Russia began to discharge with the aim of international racing series such as Formula 1 or DTM. Architect of the project is the Aachen architect Hermann Tilke. On 1 October of the same year was the ground-breaking ceremony of the Formula 1 World Championship runner- 2001, David Coulthard, put on the track. 2009, the Formula 1 project was dropped by Bernie Ecclestone in favor of a new project in Sochi.

The line was placed in the FIA Category 1T and FIM A and can therefore be used as a venue for all racing series.


The total length of the track is 4.070 kilometers. The width varies between twelve and 21 meters, which is the start -finish straight 15 meters. The length of the back straight, which leads to the start-finish is one kilometers. The maximum difference in height is 22 meters. Overall can be discharged on the track race on 17 different layouts. The length varies between about 1.3 and four kilometers.