Circuit Park Zandvoort

Address: Circuit Park Zandvoort Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108 2041 KP Zandvoort

52.3880555555564.5444444444444Koordinaten: 52 ° 23 ' 17 "N, 4 ° 32' 40" E

Circuit Park Zandvoort is one that is located directly on the North Sea, motor racing track near the Dutch town of Zandvoort (pronounced Sandvoort ). It was designed in large part by Johannes " Hans " Hugenholtz (aka John Hugenholtz ), the father of Spyker Cars CEO Hans Hugenholtz jun. 1948.

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On the original just 4.2 kilometer long race track hosted the Formula 1 1952-1985 with some interruptions, a total of 30 times with official World Cup race under the name of Great Price of the Netherlands. 1959 Road World Championships were held on the course. The route winds through the dunes to the north of Zandvoort. The original range of character consists mainly of fast corners and a hairpin curve to start and finish. The movie Grand Prix shows a coherent round from the driver's perspective, 1966 was added. Since the track after 1971 did not meet the safety standards that already at the GP on June 21, 1970, here the F1 racing driver Piers Courage crashed and burned in his car, it was rebuilt and resumed only in 1973 returned to the Formula 1 calendar. They had indeed added a new chicane named Panoramic, but despite the new standards died at the Grand Prix on 29 July 1973, the British driver Roger Williamson, he also burned in his F1 car. 1979 one added another chicane. On July 20, 1980, the German Formula 2 racer Hans -Georg citizens crashed in a round of the Formula 2 Championship here also lethal. After 1985, Formula 1 is no longer in Zandvoort. In 1998, the course was rebuilt for the last time and expanded to its present length of 4.26 km. The route is still used for various racing events such as the DTM, the World Touring Car Championship ( WTCC), used the A1 GP series and some national races.

From 2001 to 2013, the track was continuously on the DTM calendar.

Characteristic is the " roller coaster ride " since it goes steadily over hills, but also treacherous hills and bumps. Also very special is the ever- existing dune sand which is blown by the wind to coast and across the roadway.


1973-1979: With a new curve panoramic curve

1980-1988: With additional braking chicane

1989-1998: The shortened route

Since 1999: The current route

The comparison of 1999 vs. 1980

Laying the track

In recent years, more and more residents complain about the noise generated by the different races. Why race may be played only on a limited number of weekends. This was also the reason why the traditional Formula 3 Masters was moved to Zolder 2007. In recent years there have been attempts to lay the track. 2008 is a new attempt can be made. The new building, the highest FIA safety regulations are to be achieved. Fans and officials fear however, that this might lose its character of the course on the North Sea coast. It would also be lost due to the laying of the Circuit Park Zandvoort one of the main sources of income of the city.


All winners of the Formula 1 race in Zandvoort

Record winner Driver: J. Clark ( 4), record winner designers: Ferrari ( 8)