Helsinki Thunder

The Helsinki Thunder was a racing event, which was held on a temporary motor racing track that you set up as a street circuit in the years 1995-1997 for three weekends in the port area of the Finnish capital Helsinki.

In the first year, the track length was 3.300 kilometers, then the course was shortened to 3.180 km.

1995 and 1996 was the International Touring Car Championship (ITC ), the international successor series of the German Touring Car Championship ( DTM ) in Helsinki as a guest. It won Christian Danner and Nicola Larini on Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI (both 1995), and Hans -Joachim Stuck (1996, both runs ) on Opel Calibra V6 4x4.

In 1997, a round of the FIA ​​GT Championship was held in Helsinki. It won Andrew Gilbert -Scott and Jean -Marc Gounon.

Gallery of the route plans