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The Formula 1 season 1964 was the 15th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through ten races in the period of 10 May 1964 to 25 October 1964.

The FIA honorary title of European Grand Prix was awarded in 1964 at the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

John Surtees won the first and only time the drivers' world championship. Ferrari was the second time Constructors' world champions. Since Surtees also won from 1956 to 1960 seven motorcycle world title, he was and is so far the only engine athlete who was both motorcycle and Formula 1 world champion.

After it looked like at the beginning of the season as if the title defense of Jim Clark would only be a mere formality, did this and the technically superior Lotus frequent technical faults difficult life. The season was one of the most balanced race seasons on record, as five drivers and four teams share the victories.

Before the last race in Mexico City Graham Hill had five points ahead of Surtees. After half of the race went Lorenzo Bandini, the teammate of Surtees, in the rear of Hill's BRM and damaged the exhaust pipes. By the following pit stop Hill fell back far and had virtually no hope for the World Cup. Hill came in this last GP of the season after this incident caused by Bandini no longer in the points. Then led Jim Clark and looked like the winner and new champion. But two laps to go he fell out due to oil loss. So now led by Dan Gurney and Surtees before Bandini. The third place was enough but the former world motorcycle champion not to the title. So it was in the last round a Ferrari team orders and Bandini let his teammates Surtees to second place behind Dan Gurney drive. This Surtees won one point ahead the World Cup before Graham Hill ( 1962 World Cup and 1968 ), so the 1964 as a year before and one year after Vice World Champion.

Surtees won the Formula 1 World Championship due to the then applicable prank results control. Hill had scored in the ten races of the season seven times, and had come on 41 points, but since 1964 only the top six were among ten results, he finally was one point behind Surtees, who had no discard.

  • 4.1 Daily Mirror Trophy
  • 4.2 News Of The World Trophy
  • 4.3 Gran Premio di Siracusa
  • 4.4 Aintree 200
  • 4.5 BRDC International Trophy
  • 4.6 Grand Prix Solitude
  • 4.7 Gran Premio del Mediterraneo
  • 4.8 Rand Grand Prix

The World Championship races

GP Monaco - Monte Carlo (May 10, 1964)

GP Netherlands - Zandvoort (24 May 1964)

Belgian GP - Spa (14 June 1964)

GP France - Rouen (June 28, 1964)

British GP / GP Europe - Brands Hatch (11 July 1964)

GP Germany - Nürburgring (2 August 1964)

In training, the Dutchman Carel Godin de Beaufort was killed in a private old Porsche 718 in stretch mine heavily and died of his injuries a day later

John Surtees was with 8:38,4 minutes down on the V - 8 Ferrari the best training time ( 8:38,8 minutes) before Jim Clark and Dan Gurney ( 8:39,3 minutes). At the request of the organizer Colin Chapman had the German Gerhard Mitter made ​​a car available. Unfortunately, Gerhard Mitter had too little opportunity for training and had to use the additional training to to get to the five competitive rounds. Bruce McLaren was ranked as the best man of the Cooper team in training ranks 7th ( 8:47,1 minutes).

The victory was not made John Surtees in his Ferrari at the Nurburgring easily. John Surtees had his car certainly challenge as long as he Dan Gurney ( Brabham ) knew in the back and that was the case at least until the 11th of 15 laps. Dan Gurney gave John Surtees a magnificent fight and was at times even at the top. A blown head gasket caused the motor to overheat.

Maurice Trintignant, at age 47 the oldest Grand Prix driver, who was driving a BRM 62/63er and pushed him to the finish after the ignition was turned out, took this action nor the 5th Place.

John Surtees improved the lap record on 8:39,0 minutes = 158.7 km / h

GP Austria - Zeltweg (23 August 1964)

Italian GP - Monza (September 6, 1964)

GP U.S. - Watkins Glen (4 October 1964)

GP Mexico - Mexico City (25 October 1964)

Drivers' championship

The first six places were 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. Only the best six results of the ten races belonged to the championship.

Constructors' Championship

For each race, the highest score of all drivers a designer was counted. The top six ( out of ten) individual results were added, and it formed the constructors' championship.

Not the World Cup scoring formula 1 race

In addition to the ten world championship races in 1964 eight Formula 1 race took place, which had no world championship status.

Daily Mirror Trophy

News Of The World Trophy

Gran Premio di Siracusa

The XIV Gran Premio di Siracusa was held on 12 April 1964 in the Sicilian city of Syracuse at the Autodromo di Siracusa. It went over 40 laps of 5.612 km ( total distance: 224.487 km ). From the Formula 1 factory teams, only the Scuderia Ferrari and Team Lotus was represented; next to it were numerous, predominantly continental European private teams. The race was won by Ferrari driver John Surtees ahead of his teammate Lorenzo Bandini. The third place went to a factory Lotus. During the race came to Peter Arundells to transmission problems. During a pit stop, he took over the intact car his teammate Mike Spence, who drove his hand with Arundells car. Arundell saw the goal, Spence, however, were prematurely.

Aintree 200

BRDC International Trophy

Grand Prix of Solitude

Gran Premio del Mediterraneo

Rand Grand Prix