1996 Formula One season

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The Formula 1 1996 season was the 47th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through 16 races in the period from 10 March 1996 to 13 October 1996. Damon Hill won for the first and only time the drivers' world championship. Williams -Renault was the 8th time Constructors' world champions.

  • 4.1 Drivers' Championship
  • 4.2 Constructors' Championship

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World Cup ratings

World Champion will be the one driver or designer who has accumulated up to the end of the season the most points in the World Cup. The distribution of points, the placings in the overall result of the competition in all races are considered. The six top-ranked riders in each race will receive points according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

Constructors' Championship