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The Formula 1 1998 season was the 49th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through 16 races in the period from 8 March to 1 November.

Mika Hakkinen won for the first time the drivers' world championship. McLaren was the 8th time winner of the Constructors' Championship.

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Grand Prix of Australia

The Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne took place on 8 March 1998 on 58 laps instead of on total 307.574 km.

At the very first race showed that McLaren would dominate the 1998 season. Both drivers were significantly faster than the rest of the field. At Häkkinen's second pit stop, but there was a problem with the fuel system, so he had to refuel a few laps to go again. Then you asked David Coulthard, his teammates her pass, which he did and Hakkinen was thus given to his second victory.

Grand Prix of Brazil

The Brazilian Grand Prix on the Interlagos racetrack in Sao Paulo took place on 29 March 1998 and was over a distance of 72 laps with a total of 309.024 kilometers.

Grand Prix of Argentina

The Grand Prix of Argentina on the track Autódromo Oscar Alfredo Gálvez in Buenos Aires took place on 12 April 1998 and was over a distance of 72 laps with a total of 306.648 kilometers.

After a collision in the initial phase of David Coulthard dropped back and thus paved the way for Michael Schumacher. Schumacher ran under in the final phase at the onset of light rain made ​​a mistake; nevertheless he could get ahead of Mika Hakkinen back on track and win the race yet.

Grand Prix of San Marino

The Grand Prix of San Marino at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola was held on 26 April 1998 and was over a distance of 62 laps with a total of 305.660 kilometers.

David Coulthard took advantage of his pole position and led from the start, teammate Hakkinen retired in the first third of the race because of a defect from what Coulthard ultimately earned his only win of the season.

Grand Prix of Spain

The Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona took place on 10 May 1998 and was over a distance of 65 laps with a total of 307.320 kilometers.

Grand Prix of Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo was held on 24 May 1998 and was over a distance of 78 laps on a total of 262.626 kilometers.

Häkkinen won safely after Coulthard had already left early with engine trouble and Michael Schumacher had to repair a damaged suspension after a daring overtaking maneuvers against Alexander Wurz, which earned him several laps down.

Grand Prix of Canada

The Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles -Villeneuve in Montreal took place on 7 June 1998 and was over a distance of 69 laps with a total of 305.049 kilometers.

The race was of 2 Start 3 accidents and safety car phases drawn, so the order was messed up again. Highlights were the multiple rollover of Alex Wurz at the first start, and various spins and accidents. Championship leader Hakkinen retired at the 2nd start with gear damage from David Coulthard few laps later and Michael Schumacher had to fight hard in order to prevail against the strong Giancarlo Fisichella.

Grand Prix of France

The French Grand Prix at the Circuit de Nevers Magny -Cours in Nevers took place on 28 June 1998 and was over a distance of 71 laps ( 301.750 km ).

Grand Prix of Great Britain

The Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone Circuit in Silverstone was held on 12 July 1998 and went over a distance of 60 laps ( 308.400 km ).

The race was pretty shaken up by an initially wet, then abtrocknende and later wet track. At about the middle of the race it started to rain again, what numerous spins and accidents, including of the second-placed David Coulthard while lapping, moved to yourself. For some rounds even the safety car came on track. One lap after the re- release of the race afforded the leading Häkkinen a driver error, making Schumacher took the lead and clear head. However, three laps Schumacher got a time penalty, which he did until the end of the last round was serving, so he crossed the finish line in pit lane and therefore still won.

Grand Prix of Austria

The Grand Prix of Austria at the A1- Ring in Spielberg took place on 26 July 1998 and was over a distance of 71 laps ( 306.649 km ).

Having already had something destroyed the order messed up the training, there was in the first round, several collisions, which, inter alia, David Coulthard far back later fell and had to start a recovery. Michael Schumacher did well initially with Häkkinen with, but then made ​​a mistake, so he had to get a new front wing. Despite a comeback, the McLaren -Mercedes were then far outpaces.

Grand Prix of Germany

The Grand Prix of Germany at the Hockenheim Ring in Hockenheim was held on 2 August 1998 and was over a distance of 45 laps with a total of 307.035 kilometers.

Grand Prix of Hungary

The Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring in Budapest took place on 16 August 1998 and was over a distance of 77 laps on a total of 305.844 kilometers.

Grand Prix of Belgium

The Belgian Grand Prix at Spa- Francorchamps was held on 30 August 1998 and was over a distance of 44 laps ( 306.592 km ). Pole position of the Championship leader Mika Hakkinen secured in front of his McLaren teammate David Coulthard and Damon Hill ( Jordan ).

Shortly after the start, at the exit of the first corner, there was an unprecedented pile-up, in which 13 cars were involved. David Coulthard lost control of his car in the rain and had hit the boundary wall. Because of the spray the following driver did not see the wreck that collided with each other. The race was initially canceled and could only be resumed after about an hour, when all the wrecks were salvaged.

During the race eliminated because of the rain from many other pilots. Michael Schumacher led at halftime with a clear lead and looked like the sure winner when he the eighth position lying David Coulthard ascended while lapping because of a misunderstanding. Coulthard went on the racing line from the gas to let overtake Schumacher. Schumacher was assumed that Coulthard would make room for him. Schumacher had subsequently quit the race and missed the chance to go to the World Cup lead. At the end Damon Hill won in Jordan before his teammates finally faster Ralf Schumacher - it was the first Grand Prix victory for the British team.

Grand Prix of Italy

The Grand Prix of Italy at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza took place on 13 September 1998 and was over a distance of 53 laps ( 305.810 km ). Both McLaren managed a great start and dominated the early rounds, in which David Coulthard was able to overtake Häkkinen. After Coulthard's engine burst, also overtook Michael Schumacher Hakkinen, was allowed to settle and only lost by pit stops in the meantime the lead.

At the end of the race it looked as if Schumacher Hakkinen but could still catch, but he turned into the gravel. He obviously damaged thereby his car, as he then had lost considerable time and was passed down to fourth place.

Grand Prix of Luxembourg

The Grand Prix of Luxembourg at the Nürburgring took place on 27 September 1998 and was over a distance of 67 laps with a total of 305.252 kilometers.

The two World Cup favorites Hakkinen and Schumacher went level on points with each 80 meters in this Grand Prix. They provided over the entire race distance away could win a tough fight, the Häkkinen just for themselves.

Grand Prix of Japan

The Grand Prix of Japan at the Suzuka International Racing Course near Suzuka took place on 1 November 1998 and went over a distance of 51 laps on a total of 299.064 kilometers. There were two launch aborts, thus increasing the number of rounds to be completed from the original 53 was reduced to 51. The second reason for the failure of Michael Schumacher, who had thus give up his pole position and started last. After Michael Schumacher at the end of the 30th round suffered a puncture and thus had to make a 31 round up the race, was Mika Hakkinen final for the first time Formula 1 world champion.

World Cup ratings

World Champion will be the one driver or designer who has accumulated up to the end of the season the most points in the World Cup. The distribution of points, the placings in the overall result of the competition in all races are considered. The six top-ranked riders in each race will receive points according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

Constructors' Championship