1963 Formula One season

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The Formula 1 season 1963 was the 14th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through ten races in the period from 26 May 1963 to 28 December 1963.

The FIA honorary title of European Grand Prix was awarded in 1963 the Grand Prix of Monaco.

Jim Clark won for the first time the drivers' world championship. Lotus was first Constructors' world champions.


After two years with Formula 2 engines in the automotive world championship, the resistance to the existing regulations were getting bigger. International long distance races or the U.S. racetrack scene started with considerably more power and higher top speeds than the " king class ". According to the end of 1963 were decided again a few Formula 1 regulations for the 1966 Formula 1 season, this time with 3-liter naturally aspirated or supercharged 1.5 liter. For the first time, the turbocharger was admitted here as a projection next to the compressor, but this came only in the Formula 1 1977 season with Renault used.

The World Championship races

Monaco GP / GP Europe - Monte Carlo (26 May 1963)

Belgian GP - Spa (9 June 1963)

GP Netherlands - Zandvoort (23 June 1963)

GP France - Reims (30 June 1963)

British GP - Silverstone (20 July 1963)

GP Germany - Nurburgring (August 4, 1963)

Italian GP - Monza (September 8, 1963)

GP U.S. - Watkins Glen (6 October 1963)

GP Mexico - Mexico City (27 October 1963)

GP South Africa - East London (December 28, 1963)

Drivers' championship

The first six places were 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. Only the best six results of the ten races belonged to the championship.

Constructors' Championship

For each race, the highest score of all drivers a designer was counted. The top six ( out of ten) individual results were added, and it formed the constructors' championship.