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The Formula 1 1969 season was the 20th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through eleven races in the period from 1 March 1969 to 19 October 1969.

Jackie Stewart won for the first time the drivers' world championship. Matra became the first and only time constructors' world championship.

  • 2.1 Constructors' Championship

The World Championship races

GP South Africa - Kyalami (1 March 1969)

Distance: 80 laps of 4.094 km = 327.520 km

The started from the second row Jackie Stewart dominated the race and secured a start- to-finish victory. In some cars broke the high, mounted on the front and rear axle wing.

Spanish GP - Montjuïc (4 May 1969)

Distance: 90 laps of 3.790 km = 341.100 km

Jochen Rindt, who had set the fastest practice time, initially led the field. In the 20th round buckled on his Lotus 49 of a high-mounted rear wing. Rindt lost control of the vehicle and hurled 150 yards. He rolled over and hit the lotus of his teammate Graham Hill, who was a few laps before an accident at the same place for the same reason. Rindt was slightly injured, Hill was uninjured. The Sports Commission vorbot then the high wing designs.

After these accidents Chris Amon was leading the race until in the 57th round him expired the cooling water and he had to park his Ferrari 312. Thus the way was clear for Jackie Stewart for his second win in a row.

GP Monaco - Monte Carlo (May 18, 1969)

Distance: 80 laps of 3.145 km = 251.600 km

In advance of the race, a fierce debate about the pros and cons of wings took place in view of the accidents of Barcelona, ​​which meant that all is not directly mounted on the fuselage, so highly specified output surfaces of any kind were banned until further notice.

First, Jackie Stewart was leading the race, followed by Chris Amon; However, both fell out in the course. Thus, Graham Hill was able to secure his fifth and final victory in Monte Carlo.

GP Netherlands - Zandvoort (21 June 1969)

Distance: 90 laps of 4.185 km = 376.650 km

In training Lotus and Matra porbierten vehicles with four-wheel drive.

The start Graham Hill won before Jochen Rindt and Jackie Stewart. However Rindt slowed from Hill in the 3rd round and took the lead. This he retained until the 17th lap when his half- shaft broke. This came Stewart, who had previously Hill also overhauled in leadership and won his third Grand Prix of the season.

GP France - Charade (6 July 1969)

Distance: 38 laps of 8.055 km = 306.090 km

The race was completely under the domination of Jackie Stewart and Matra; after the pole position Stewart managed a start- to-finish victory. In the initial phase Denis Hulme was still connected, but then fell back with problems. The second place went to Jean -Pierre Beltoise, who defeated in a constant over several rounds duel Jacky Ickx in the last round. Jochen Rindt was forced to retire because of nausea.

The first launch of a four-wheel drive vehicle under ( John Miles in the Lotus 63) since the Grand Prix of Great Britain in 1961 ended after just one lap with a defective injection pump.

9 of the 13 launched cars crossed the finish line in standings. So that this is the race with the lowest default rate in 1969.

British GP - Silverstone (19 July 1969)

Distance: 84 laps of 4.711 km = 395.724 km

Until the 62nd round of the race by a duel between Jochen Rindt and Jackie Stewart was determined for the lead at the Rindt initially seemed to gain the upper hand. But then he had to pit in order to repair his rear wing. This came in front and Stewart won his fifth race of the season. Rindt, who also had to refuel still remained the 4th place and thus the first World Cup points in 1969.

GP Germany - Nürburgring (3 August 1969)

Distance: 14 laps of 22.835 km = 319.690 km

As early as 1966 and 1967, the field of Formula 1 vehicles by the formula 2 was added in order to show the audience over the long distance more vehicles can and compensate for the expected high failure rate. On Friday afternoon before the race Gerhard Mitter had an accident on Sweden Cross with his BMW F269 fatal. The team moved its Formula 2 cars back from the start. Cause of the accident was probably an incorrectly installed steering.

In training undercutting for the first time a Formula 1 car, the 8- minute mark.

The Formula 1 race was characterized by a duel between Jackie Stewart and Jacky Ickx, the Ickx in the Brabham could decide for themselves. Vic Elford crashed heavily and fell for the rest of the season because of a complicated Armbruches. The Formula 2 race was won by Henri Pescarolo.

Italian GP - Monza (September 7, 1969)

Distance: 68 laps of 5.750 km = 391,000 km

At Monza, was formed immediately after the start of a group of several vehicles, from which none could break away from his pursuers. Stewart, Rindt, Hulme and courage took turns in the lead. After the winner Stewart the next three riders were within 0.190 seconds to the finish. It was one of the closest racing outputs in Formula 1 history.

Jackie Stewart secured his victory with the driver and Matra the constructors' championship.

GP Canada - Mosport Park (20 September 1969)

Distance: 90 laps of 3.956 km = 356.040 km

In the first six laps led Jochen Rindt, until it was overtaken by Stewart. This was then, in turn, implicated by Ickx in a duel. Ickx was able to pass by Stewart in Round 33, but the two vehicles collided and Stewart had to give up. Ickx then managed a ungefährdeter victory, which was a double victory for the Brabham team through the second course designed by Jack Brabham.

Johnny Servoz - Gavin took the Matra MS84 at the 6th Place and was the first and only pilot who scored a championship point with a four-wheel drive Formula 1 cars.

GP USA - Watkins Glen (5 October 1969)

Distance: 108 laps of 3.701 km = 399.708 km

The race, in which Jochen Rindt scored his first of six Grand Prix victories, completed only seven of the 18 vehicles launched. Thus, the lowest arrival rate was achieved in the longest race of the season. Among other things, bursting at Stewart's Matra in the 31st round an oil line and Graham Hill crashed hard against the end of the race. His Lotus rolled over after a tire failure several times, with Hill, who was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle, complicated leg fractures suffered.

GP Mexico - Mexico City (19 October 1969)

Distance: 65 laps of 5.000 km = 325,000 km

The race was marked by Denis Hulme. The started from the second row McLaren driver passed successively Stewart and Rindt and won for the first time this season a Grand Prix.

Drivers' championship

The first six places were 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. The best five results of the first six and the best four of the remaining five races belonged to the championship.

Constructors' Championship

It was the best result in each case a team per race counted

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News in brief Formula 1

  • At the Spanish Grand Prix both Lotus (Graham Hill and Jochen Rindt ) crashed due to broken wing. The usual at that time, high above the front and rear axle -mounted spoiler were prohibited in all classes and had to be replaced by more compact wings. Was also prohibited any movement, that is, Mounting directly on the unsprung suspension components, or adjustability while driving.
  • In Zandvoort debuted in Formula 1 with the Lotus 63 four-wheel drive.
  • Johnny Servoz - Gavin drove the all-wheel -Matra MS84 at Mosport Park ( Canada ) on the 6th Place and was the first and so far the only driver to have a four-wheel drive Formula 1 cars capture a world point.
  • The ring was inaugurated in Austria.
  • At the Italian Grand Prix, the first four drivers were within 0.2 seconds.