1967 Formula One season

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The Formula 1 1967 season was the 18th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through eleven races in the period from 2 January 1967 to 22 October 1967.

The FIA honorary title of European Grand Prix was awarded to the Italian Grand Prix in 1967.

Denis Hulme won for the first and only time the drivers' world championship. Brabham was the second time Constructors' world champions.

  • 2.1 Constructors' Championship
  • 4.1 Race of Champions
  • 4.2 Daily Express Spring Cup
  • 4.3 BRDC International Trophy
  • 4.4 Gran Premio di Siracusa
  • 4.5 International Gold Cup
  • 4.6 Grand Prix of Spain

The World Championship races

GP South Africa - Kyalami (2 January 1967)

80 laps x 4.094 km = 327.52 km

The start of Denis Hulme won from the second position and led the field until the 59th lap when he had to repair his brakes. This first came John Love in a private Cooper in the lead, which he did seven laps lost to Pedro Rodriguez, because he had to refuel. Rodriguez won his first two Grand Prix.

GP Monaco - Monte Carlo (7 May 1967)

100 laps x 3.145 km = 314.5 km

The first few laps were determined by Jackie Stewart, to be differential was defective. Hulme took the lead. In the 82nd round Lorenzo Bandini rammed in second position the barriers of straw bales. Upon impact ignited the leaking fuel of Ferrari and quickly spread to the straw bales. Although Bandini was rescued after three minutes out of the car, but he died on May 10, his severe burns. Hulme won his first Grand Prix. The distance of the GP of Monaco has been reduced from 1968 because of this accident from 100 to 80 rounds.

GP Netherlands - Zandvoort (4 June 1967)

90 laps x 4.185 km = 376.65 km

In this race for the first time the Cosworth DFV engine was used, initially won exclusively in the Lotus 49 Jim Clark with this car the race after previously his teammate Hill was excreted in the lead.

Belgian GP - Spa -Francorchamps (18 June 1967)

28 laps x 14.1 km = 394.8 km

The race was initially led by Jim Clark. When he had to make a pit stop, Stewart took the lead, who had to leave this in the 20th lap due to gearbox problems to Dan Gurney. Gurney won his only Grand Prix at the Eagle construct from him.

GP France - Le Mans (2 July 1967)

80 laps x 4.442 km = 355.36 km

On July 2, 1967 was the first and only time a Formula 1 race at the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit instead. First, the Lotus driver Clark and Hill dominated. After their departure Jack Brabham drove out his first win of the season.

British GP - Silverstone (15 July 1967)

80 laps x 4.711 km = 376.88 km

First, the two Lotus drivers Hill and Clark delivered a duel for the lead, which was decided in the 54th round due to a pit stop Hills in favor of Clark.

GP Germany - Nürburgring (6 August 1967)

15 laps x 22.835 km = 342.525 km

As early as 1966, took the Grand Prix of Germany Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars together on the track, but in different score. They wanted the audience over the long distance can present more vehicles and compensate for the expected high failure rate. In Formula 1, Clark led the first three laps, until it turned out. Then Gurney took the lead, which he lost in the 13th round to the winner Hulme by a broken driveshaft. The Formula 2 race was won by Jackie Oliver.

GP Canada - Mosport Park (27 August 1967)

90 laps x 3.956 km = 356.04 km

All riders started on rain tires. First Hulme was in the lead until Clark caught up with him and took the lead. In the 67th round, however, Clark turned and fell back, Hulme won in the pits a new visor. This came Brabham in the lead, which he held to the finish. Brabham was early winners in the constructors' championship after this race. It was the second (after 1966) and last for the team. In this GP and the Canadian Al Pease drove in a Eagle - Climax with, he admittedly came with 43 ​​laps down on the winner, but was not counted because he had spent most of the time in the pits.

GP Italy / European GP - Monza (10 September 1967)

68 laps x 5.75 km = 391 km

How often in Monza in 1967 also found numerous slipstream duels take place at the positions. Gurney, Clark, Brabham, Hulme and Hill first took turns in the lead until Hill seemed to gain the upper hand. However, this had engine trouble in the 57th round. This first came Brabham and Clark in the lead. As this went out in the last round of fuel, Surtees came in the Honda with a lead of 0.2 seconds before Brabham to the finish.

GP USA - Watkins Glen (1 October 1967)

108 laps x 3.701 km = 399.708 km

In the race, the Lotus 49 showed superior under Clark and Hill. Clark won ahead of Hill, both of which had a whole lap ahead of the third placed.

GP Mexico - Mexico City (22 October 1967)

65 laps x 5 km = 325 km

Before the race had even Hulme (47 points) and Brabham (42 points) the chance to win the Drivers' World Championship. The race was won by Jim Clark with a start - to-finish victory in front of Jack Brabham, which it did not succeed, his teammates Hulme, who finished third, nor to force them out of first place in the drivers' standings. So Denis Hulme won his only world title.

World Cup ratings

The first six places were 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. The best five results of the first six and the best four of the remaining five races belonged to the championship.

Constructors' Championship

South African Formula 1 Championship

In 1967, the eighth South African Formula 1 Championship was held. It consisted of twelve races, which were held on January 7, 1967 to December 3, 1967 racetracks in South Africa, Rhodesia and Mozambique. Drivers who competed in the Formula 1 World Championship, did not participate in these races as a rule. An exception was Bob Anderson. Master was the Rhodesian racer John Love, who won nine races.

Race without championship status

In addition to the eleven World Championship races in 1967 six Formula 1 race took place, which did not count for the World Cup or to another championship.

Race of Champions

The Second Race of Champions was held at the Brands Hatch Circuit on March 12, 1967. It was the first European Formula 1 race of the year. The track length was 4265 meters. Two runs were down to ten rounds, followed by a final run with 40 rounds. The total distance thus amounted to EUR 170.6 km. The starting grid for the first race was determined in a qualifying session that the second run corresponded to the sequence of the target arrivals in the first run. The results of the second run were then applied to the grid of the finale. Dan Gurney won all three races, Lorenzo Bandini was second. The Race of Champions was the last Formula 1 race, the Italians, the accident two months later at the Grand Prix of Monaco fatal ended.

Daily Express Spring Cup

The First Daily Express Spring Cup was held at Oulton Park on 15 April 1967. The length of the course was 4.442 km. Two runs were down to ten rounds, which joined the final, which went through 30 rounds. The total race distance was 220 km. The British Formula 1 factory team came to this race each with at least one driver on, while the Scuderia Ferrari did not participate in the event. The first and the second run of the race won Denny Hulme in the works Brabham, Hulme won in the final team boss Jack Brabham.

BRDC International Trophy

The XIX. BRDC International Trophy was held at the Silverstone Circuit on April 29, 1967. The race was over 52 laps of 4.711 kilometers. The total length of the race amounted to 244.9 km. The race was won by Briton Mike Parkes for Ferrari. His lead over second-placed Brabham was more than one third round. It was Parkes ' single Formula 1 race, which he played in his home country.

Gran Premio di Siracusa

The XVI. Gran Premio di Siracusa was held on 21 May 1967 in the Sicilian city of Syracuse at the Autodromo di Siracusa. It went over 56 laps of 5.612 km ( total distance: 314.379 km ). At the race took part only eight drivers, British Formula 1 teams were not represented at the factory with the exception of Cooper. Bob Anderson, David Hobbs, Guy Ligier and André Wicky were indeed reported, but were not in the race. Jo Schlesser appeared for training, but his car damaged so much that he could not participate in the race in qualifying. The Ferrari driver Parkes and Scarfiotti reached the target after each 1:40.58,4. Both were deemed the winner; Second place was not awarded. Chris Irwin took fourth place in Reg Parnell's private Lotus - BRM.

International Gold Cup

The XIV International Gold Cup at Oulton Park was held on 16 September 1967. It was over 45 laps of 4.444 km ( total distance: 199,975 kilometers ). All British factory teams were reported, the Scuderia Ferrari was missing, however. The Gold Cup was the first Formula 1 race in which the Tyrrell Racing Organisation was launched, which had previously led the Formula 2 inserts of BRM. She sat at Oulton Park a four Matra chassis with Ford - Cosworth engines. Tyrrell used the race as preparation for the commitment at the World Championship races next season. Top riders of the team was Jackie Stewart, who came in the dominated Jack Brabham race with four seconds behind the winner in second place.

Grand Prix of Spain

The XIII. Spanish Grand Prix was the last Formula 1 race of the year in 1967. He was held on November 12, 1967 at the Circuito del Jarama. The race was over 90 laps of 3.404 km (total length: 306.36 km ). It was the first Formula 1 race in Spain since 1954. The race was preparing for the Spanish Grand Prix the following year, which was a world championship race again after the successful restart in 1967. The race in 1967 was dominated by the drivers of the team Lotus.

News in brief Formula 1

  • The Ford - Cosworth engine celebrates the Grand Prix of the Netherlands with a victory by Jim Clark its premiere.
  • Lorenzo Bandini died after a fire accident in Monaco.
  • Bob Anderson is on 14 August at Formula 1 testing at Silverstone killed.
  • Georges Berger is on 23 August at the Marathon de la Route at the Nurburgring killed.
  • The Nürburgring is 40 years old.
  • At the Grand Prix of Syracuse, there are two winners: the two Ferraris of Mike Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti come at the same time to the finish.
  • Denis Hulme is world champion with only two wins, he also held the pole position not once - something he has only Niki Lauda could imitate in the Formula 1 1984 season.