2005 Formula One season

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The Formula 1 2005 season was the 56th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through 19 races in the period from 6 March to 16 October.

For the first time Fernando Alonso became world champion. He was the first Spanish Formula 1 world champion and at age 24 the youngest title holder until then. Since 2010, Sebastian Vettel holds this record.

The Renault team boss Flavio Briatore team also won the constructors' championship other than the World Champion title in the driver standings. This was the first constructors' title since 2002 again An incoming team as Renault team.

  • 4.1 Australian Grand Prix
  • 4.2 Malaysian Grand Prix
  • 4.3 Grand Prix of Bahrain
  • 4.4 Grand Prix of San Marino
  • 4.5 Grand Prix of Spain
  • 4.6 Grand Prix of Monaco
  • 4.7 European Grand Prix
  • 4.8 Canadian Grand Prix
  • 4.9 United States Grand Prix
  • 4:10 Grand Prix of France
  • 4:11 Grand Prix of Great Britain
  • 4:12 Grand Prix of Germany
  • 4:13 Grand Prix of Hungary
  • 4:14 Grand Prix of Turkey
  • 4:15 Grand Prix of Italy
  • 4:16 Grand Prix of Belgium
  • 4:17 Grand Prix of Brazil
  • 4:18 Grand Prix of Japan
  • 4:19 Grand Prix of China
  • 6.1 Drivers' Championship
  • 6.2 Constructors' Championship

Changes in 2005


The first six races of the 2005 season ran from qualifying with modified rules. The starting positions were determined in two passes, each with a qualifying round. The first round took place on Saturday afternoon, the second on Sunday morning. After Saturday's qualifying, the race cars were allowed to be refueled, the Sunday qualifying session had already been driven to the provisions for the race fuel load. On 24 May 2005, the Formula 1 returned to a meeting of team managers with the FIA president Max Mosley to force rule in 2004 with a single qualifying lap on Saturday back.

The most serious rule change was introduced with respect to the race tires: tire change have been banned in this season, that is, every driver had to drive both the two qualifying rounds and the race with a single set of tires. Only for flat tires and in wet weather tire changes were allowed.

Having been introduced in the last season that each engine had to keep an entire race weekend, this rule has been tightened in this season: now each motor is to be used over two race weekends. Must have a motor to be replaced due to a defect before qualifying, the driver receives a penalty in the form of degradation of the launch site at 10 starting places. The motor must be replaced during or after qualifying, the driver is demoted to the end of the start field.

In order better to create conditions for overtaking the regulations for the aerodynamics have been modified. The size and placement of the front and rear wings, specifications for the height of the nose and other rules have been changed.


Only seven drivers drove for the same team as in the previous season: Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Jenson Button, Takuma Sato, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. With Albers, Tiago Monteiro, Patrick Friesacher and Narain Karthikeyan, the first Indian Formula 1 driver, there were four new riders. In addition, Jacques Villeneuve returned after about a year's absence back in Formula 1


The Austrian businessman and billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz took over the former Jaguar Racing team and made it the new Team Red Bull Racing, the new team started doing exactly as before Jaguar with a British license. The team Jordan Grand Prix was taken over by the Midland Group, launched this season but still under the name Jordan. Jordan sat a 2005 Toyota motors. Clean changed the tire supplier Bridgestone to Michelin. After the United States Grand Prix Peter Sauber sold the majority of the team at BMW, so that in the following season, the team BMW -Sauber was formed.

Teams and Drivers

Race Calendar

Race Reports

Grand Prix of Australia

The Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne was held on 6 March 2005 and went over a distance of 56 laps ( 296.968 km ).

The first pole of the 2005 season reached before Fisichella Trulli and Webber. Fisichella could translate into a win, set the fastest lap Alonso drove in 1:25,683 minutes this in the race.

Michael Schumacher was forced to retire in the lap 43 after a self-inflicted accident with Nick Heidfeld. This accident led to the failure of Heidfeld. Came together with Albers thus 3 of 20 riders not finishing.

Grand Prix of Malaysia

The Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang took place on 20 March 2005 and went over a distance of 56 laps ( 310.408 km ).

In the second race of the season won a Renault driver both the pole position and the race. This time it succeeded Fernando Alonso. The fastest lap Raikkonen with 1:35,483 minutes.

In the 36th lap of the race Fisichella and Webber collided, then both could not finish the race. Benefited from this Heidfeld, who finished this fall behind Trulli 3rd place. More casualties came from Barrichello, Villeneuve, Button, Davidson and Friesacher.

Grand Prix of Bahrain

The Grand Prix of Bahrain in as- Sachir took place on 3 April 2005 and went over a distance of 57 laps ( 308.523 km ).

Pole position went to Alonso before Michael Schumacher and Trulli.

The race again won Fernando Alonso. Ferrari could not intervene in the championship standings with the F2005 for the first time used. For Schumacher it was the first failure due to a technical defect since the Grand Prix of Germany 2001.

With 1:31,447 minutes the McLaren Mercedes driver Pedro de la Rosa drove the fastest lap.

Grand Prix of San Marino

The Grand Prix of San Marino at Imola was held on 24 April 2005 and went over a distance of 62 laps ( 305.609 km ).

In qualifying Räikkönen reached the pole position ahead of Alonso and Button. Michael Schumacher reached after a mistake only the start number 13, was driving in the race but on the 2nd place before. He also set the fastest lap of the race with 1:21,858 minutes.

Räikkönen fell in the ninth lap of due to a broken driveshaft. Albers, Barrichello, Fisichella Friesacher and also did not finish the race.

At the presentation ceremony Jenson Button on the podium 3rd place His BAR- Honda team-mate finished the race in fifth Both were later disqualified because of their race cars had a foul weight.

3rd place went with it later to Alexander Wurz, of San Marino was his only season use.

Grand Prix of Spain

The Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona took place on 8 May 2005 and received over a distance of 66 laps ( 305.256 km ).

Raikkonen secured in qualifying with a time of 2:31,421 minutes (2 sessions) the pole position ahead of Webber and Alonso. The race started right after the start with a saftey car period, as both had Minardi startup problems.

Räikkönen dominated the race and was able to put his pole position into a clear victory. The fastest lap Fisichella with 1:15,641 minutes.

Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher, Albers, Friesacher and Liuzzi failed.

Grand Prix of Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo was held on 22 May 2005 and received over a distance of 77 laps ( 259.490 km ).

The pole position ahead of Alonso and Räikkönen reached Webber. The race was dominated again by Raikkonen. Nick Heidfeld reached the second place in front of his Williams - BMW team-mate Webber the best Formula 1 result of his career.

The fastest lap of the race Michael Schumacher drove with 1:15,842 minutes.

Despite some accidents fell only 4 drivers: Liuzzi, Friesacher, Coulthard and Karthikeyan.

Grand Prix of Europe

The European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring took place on 29 May 2005 and went over a distance of 60 laps ( 308.863 km ).

In qualifying, Nick Heidfeld had secured the pole position in the race, he reached the second place. The winner was Fernando Alonso, who also drove the fastest lap with 1:30,711 minutes in his 44th round.

With Ralf Schumacher and Mark Webber only two riders fell out prematurely. Kimi Raikkonen, who dominated the race from the beginning, the goal achieved not by a breach of the right front at the first corner of the last lap. The vibrations by a brake disks and the tire change ban announced the suspension of the rest But he was counted as eleventh due to the distance traveled.

Grand Prix of Canada

The Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal, took place on 12 June 2005 and went over a distance of 70 laps ( 305.270 km ).

On Saturday Jenson Button achieved the pole position ahead of Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso with a time of 1:15,217 minutes.

The fastest lap of the race Kimi Raikkonen drove in the 23 lap with a time of 1:14,384 minutes. Raikkonen won the race just ahead of Michael Schumacher.

Montoya was disqualified in the 52nd round because he had ignored the red light in the pit lane. The following 8 driver fell out during the race: Trulli, Button, Heidfeld, Satō, Friesacher, Alonso, Fisichella and Karthikeyan.

United States Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of USA Indianapolis took place on 19 June 2005 and went over a distance of 73 laps ( 306.016 km ).

In this race Michelin was only a shelf life of ten rounds for his tires. To reduce the risk of drivers equipped with Michelin tires teams did not participate in the race and drove back to the warm-up lap in the pits. The race was therefore only contested by six riders. The attempt by the team to defuse the route or to use new, extra Michelin newly flown tire failed in the run, as both the FIA and Ferrari as Bridgestone team with a change in the route not agree declared and the FIA a change the tire would have the regulations duly occupied with a penalty. The suggestion that the Michelin teams to drive around the curve with a drive through the pit lane, was also rejected by the Michelin teams.

Grand Prix of France

The French Grand Prix at Magny -Cours took place on 3 July 2005 and went over a distance of 70 laps ( 308.586 km ).

Fernando Alonso secured the pole position in qualifying before Trulli and Raikkonen. However, Raikkonen was set back by ten grid positions due to an engine change.

The fastest lap of the race Räikkönen achieved with 1:16,423 minutes. The winner was Fernando Alonso, Renault, becoming the first victory was at the Grand Prix of France for 22 years.

Montoya, Albers, Friesacher, Massa and Klien failed.

Grand Prix of Great Britain

The Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone was held on 10 July 2005 and went over a distance of 60 laps ( 308.355 km ).

Juan Pablo Montoya won the McLaren -Mercedes home game at Silverstone, this was also the first victory for McLaren -Mercedes Montoya. In qualifying, he started from 12th place The pole position was Fernando Alonso achieved, strengthening his lead in the overall lead with second place in front of Raikkonen.

Raikkonen set the fastest lap of the race with 1:20,502 minutes. With Karthikeyan only one of 20 riders started could not finish the race. He dropped out because of an electrical problem.

Grand Prix of Germany

The Grand Prix of Germany at Hockenheim was held on 24 July 2005 and went over a distance of 67 laps ( 306.458 km ).

The qualifying session on Saturday won Raikkonen ahead of Button and Alonso. The race was dominated more than half the distance of Räikkönen until he retired in the 32th round with a defect. The fastest race lap was also driven by Raikkonen with 1:14,873 minutes.

Alonso won and thus increased his lead over Raikkonen by 10 to 36 points.

The failure of Raikkonen was the only one in this race, all other 19 riders crossed the finish line.

Grand Prix of Hungary

The Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest took place on 31 July 2005 and went over a distance of 70 Rounds ( 306,663 km ).

The pole position had Michael Schumacher secured against Montoya and Trulli. The started from 4th Raikkonen won the race. With Michael and Ralf Schumacher were the first time in the season two German drivers on the podium.

Alonso failed due to a launch accident at the first corner only reach 11th place and received for the third time in the season after a failure in Montreal and the race at Indianapolis any points.

With 1:21,219 minutes the fastest lap went to Raikkonen. With Villeneuve, Montoya, Doornbos, Coulthard and Klien fell from 5 users.

Grand Prix of Turkey

The Grand Prix of Turkey, on the Asian side of Istanbul, was held on 21 August 2005 and received over a distance of 58 laps ( 309.396 km ).

Kimi Raikkonen had the pole position on Saturday and his victory on Sunday a perfect weekend for the first Formula 1 race in Turkey. In qualifying he reached 1:26,797 minutes, the best time ahead of Fisichella and Alonso.

The race dominated Raikkonen significantly. Montoya was almost hit by mistake in the final laps of Alonso, so that the over long time looming double victory for McLaren -Mercedes was prevented.

The fastest race lap was driven by Juan Pablo Montoya with 1:24,770 minutes. Albers, Michael Schumacher, Heidfeld, Massa and Webber retired prematurely.

Grand Prix of Italy

The Grand Prix of Italy at Monza took place on 4 September 2005 and received over a distance of 53 laps ( 306.720 km ).

Raikkonen won the qualifying session before Montoya and Alonso, but was due to an engine change back ten places.

The race was won despite significant problems with the tires of Montoya. Even with his team-mate Raikkonen came to tire problems, so he only finished fourth, once again lost important points for the overall standings.

The fastest lap was run at 1:21,504 minutes from Raikkonen. Failures did not exist, all the drivers crossed the finish line.

Grand Prix of Belgium

The Belgian Grand Prix at Spa- Francorchamps was held on September 11, 2005 and received over a distance of 44 laps ( 306.944 km ).

On the slippery by rain road Raikkonen won the race ahead of Alonso and Button for itself. The Montoya lying to the fourth round at No. 2 before the end fell off after a collision with Pizzonia. Michael Schumacher and Satō collided already in the 13th lap of the race and also had to finish the race. Other failures were Trulli, Coulthard, Fisichella.

The fastest lap of the race, Ralf Schumacher drove with 1:51,453 minutes. Montoya was the fastest in qualifying ahead of Raikkonen and Fisichella.

Grand Prix of Brazil

The Brazilian Grand Prix in São Paulo took place on 25 September 2005 and received over a distance of 71 laps ( 305.909 km ).

With his third place in the 17th of 19 races Fernando Alonso secured the Renault already clinched the drivers' title. Alonso was at age 24 the youngest Formula 1 world champion and once the first Spaniard with this title.

On Saturday Alonso had reached the pole position ahead of Fisichella and Montoya. Also the double victory of the McLaren - Mercedes driver Montoya before Räikkönen could not prevent the world title from Alonso.

Directly after the start there was a safety car period caused by an accident, the Williams - BMW drivers Pizzonia and Webber with Coulthard. Webber was able to continue the race after 25 laps. For Pizzonia and Coulthard, the race was stopped immediately. With Doornbos and Monteiro two more failures were recorded. Raikkonen set the fastest lap time of 1:12,268 minutes.

Grand Prix of Japan

The Grand Prix of Japan at Suzuka took place on 9 October 2005 and went over a distance of 53 laps ( 307.573 km ).

The pole position reached Ralf Schumacher ahead of Button and Fisichella in a rain -affected qualifying session.

In the race, Räikkönen was able to overtake Fisichella and thus celebrate his seventh win of the season still in the final round, even though he was only started in 17th. The fastest lap also went Raikkonen with 1:31,540 minutes.

In the 10th round Satō caused an accident with Trulli, who retired with it. Satō was able to continue, but was later disqualified. Montoya and Pizzonia also did not finish the race.

Curiously, had to leave the Renault driver Fernando Alonso outside pull, as Alonso and Raikkonen were close to Schumacher Michael Schumacher. This happened most recently in 1996 in Estoril with Jacques Villeneuve.

Grand Prix of China

The Grand Prix of China in Shanghai was held on 16 October 2005 and went over a distance of 56 laps ( 305.256 km ).

The pole position reached before Alonso Fisichella and Raikkonen. The fastest lap of the race Räikkönen drove with a time of 1:33,242 minutes.

Alonso was able to complete his successful season with another victory, which also Renault won the title in the Constructors' Championship.

The race went with two Safety Car periods eventful due to accidents. Already in the Einfahrrunde there was an accident between Michael Schumacher and Albers. Both cars were destroyed, so that the two drivers had to start with the replacement car from the pit lane. Later, Michael Schumacher retired after he had slipped from the racetrack. More casualties came from Satō, Karthikeyan and Montoya.


In the first six races of two qualifying sessions were held. The results in brackets, contain the results of the six double - qualifying.

World Cup ratings

World Champion will be the one driver or designer who has accumulated up to the end of the season the most points in the World Championship. The distribution of points, the placings in the overall result of each race are taken into account. The eight first-placed rider in each race will receive points according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

Constructors' Championship