Andy Priaulx

Andrew "Andy" Graham Priaulx, MBE ( born August 8, 1973, Guernsey ) is a British racing driver. He was active in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC ) and three -time world champion in this series. Priaulx is currently under contract with BMW and will start in 2012 in the DTM. In October 2008, he was honored by Queen Elizabeth II for his charity work with the fifth stage of the Knights Order of the British Empire.


Andrew Priaulx is a very versatile motor sportsmen, but regards especially the area on four wheels, in which he made his debut in karting in 1984. In 1995 Priaulx then in the British Hill Climb Championship, where he was champion equal.

From 1996 to 1998 he drove alternately Formula Renault and Formula 3 before moving the end of 1998 in the Renault Spider Cup and there was 1999 superior master. After a brief stint in the Formula 3 ( sixth year ), he devoted himself from 2001 to touring car racing and finished the 2002 season with three wins. In 2003 Priaulx then for the BMW Team Great Britain in the European Touring Car Championship, where he was able to continue his success in the British Touring Car Championship and finished the season in third place eventually.

2004 should be his year in the ETCC. Priaulx showed throughout the year consistent and good and preserved up to the Endläufen in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) his title chances. There he benefited from the misfortunes of his strongest competitor, Dirk Müller, who was involved in the first race in a collision and had to do back in the second race from very far. Priaulx contrast to recoup its losses and made it, after the last race level on points with Muller topped the overall rankings to lie. However, since he was able to record five victories in the final bill (as opposed to Müller, who won only three times), the title of European touring car champion in 2004 went to him.

The series was canceled in 2005, Priaulx and his team, the An incoming under the enrollment of BMW UK Belgian RBM team, however, went much like many of the other teams in the ETCC, in the newly established WTCC ( World Touring Car Championship ) at the start. This year should again be a duel between Priaulx and Müller, which again left the Briton after a spectacular finale as the winner and was now called, from now on World Touring Car Champion. He also won along with Pedro Lamy, Boris Said and Duncan Huisman, the 24 -hour race at the Nürburgring.

2006 Priaulx went into its fifth touring car season again in the WTCC at the start and defended at the season finale in Macau his world title. This track he could also defend in the 2007 season in Macau, even though his chances after a 12th place in qualifying were significantly lower.

In 2012 Priaulx In the DTM with a BMW M3 for BMW Team RBM at the start.


Priaulx lives with his wife Joanne and two common children on Guernsey.

He spent time with water skiing and cycling. Less often you meet him now at his former passion, the sport boating.

Statistics / achievements

  • 2004: European Touring Car Masters ( ETCC )
  • 2005: World Touring Car Champion (WTCC )
  • 2006: World Touring Car Champion (WTCC )
  • 2007: World Touring Car Champion (WTCC )
  • 2008: 4th place in the Drivers' Championship (WTCC )
  • 2009: 4th place in the Drivers' Championship (WTCC )
  • 2010: 4th place in the Drivers' Championship (WTCC )

Le Mans results

Individual results in the DTM