Bahrain International Circuit

Address: gate 255 Gulf of Bahrain Avenue Umm Jidar 1062, Sakhir

26.03138888888950.514444444444Koordinaten: 26 ° 1 ' 53 "N, 50 ° 30' 52" E

Bahrain International Circuit is the name of a motorsport race track in the desert state of Bahrain, which was built for the 2004 inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix Formula 1. It is located southwest around 27 kilometers from the center of the capital Manama in as- Sachir.


The construction of the spectacular racing facility in Bahrain was of national interest. The project of Sheikh Salman ibn Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, which is a Motorsportenthusiast was supported. At the same time, the Crown Prince is also the President of the Bahrain Motor Federation. Managing Director of the course is Martin Whitaker.

As early 2004, the track was not completely finished, the organizers feared that the Bahrain Grand Prix would be held only in 2005. Finally, all was not until the race in April 2004, but then which took place after non-stop work completed, but for the race the track could be cleared.

Route description

A unique problem of this route is the solitary location in the middle of the desert dar. So it can happen that sand is present by wind drifting on the track, the race could lead to interruptions. To the bit counter, a special spray is sprayed onto the sand around the track, against entries from remote sources however, this is not a solution. In 2007, however, the huge run-off areas of sand by a sand- colored layer of asphalt were replaced, which causes less damage to the vehicles than the usual layer of gravel.

The Bahrain International Circuit has been planned and designed by the German engineer and race track specialist Hermann Tilke. The building cost 150 million euro.

The length of the track is 5.412 kilometers. The maximum gradient is 3.6 %, the maximum gradient of 5.6%. The start -finish straight is 1090 m long, the pit lane 417.9 m. The track has 14 corners, six left and eight right-handers. There is also a 3.596 km long " Paddock " version, which is mostly used for racing other race series.

The Formula 1 2010 season opened on 14 March at the Bahrain International Circuit. With this race the tracks layout has been amended and now includes a new loop by curve 4, which was completed in 2006. It consists of a fast right-hander, a complex of five other curves, as well as a left-hand bend and a hairpin curve, which eventually leads back to the original route. The extension of the line was justified by the increase in the number of participants to 26.

In the Formula 1 2011 season, however, should be run on the original and shorter version of the circuit again.

On 21 February 2011, the original opening race was canceled due to political unrest.


All winners of the Formula 1 race at Sakhir

Record winner Driver: Fernando Alonso ( 3) Record winner designers: Ferrari ( 4) Record winner Engine Manufacturer: Ferrari ( 4) Record winner tire manufacturer Bridgestone ( 5) Record winner Nations: Germany / Spain ( 3)

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