Marina Bay Street Circuit

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The Marina Bay Street Circuit is a temporary motor racing track in Singapore. On the street circuit of the Singapore Grand Prix as part of the Formula 1 has been held since 2008.

The course is located in the Marina Bay area in the port area of the city-state of Singapore and is thus determined by the proximity to the water atmospherically the Grand Prix of Monaco and the likewise launched transmitted on the Valencia Street Circuit in 2008 European Grand Prix, very similar. In addition, here is a night race was first held in Formula 1 history. Both the race and the qualifications and the free practice sessions are conducted under artificial lighting. However, it was announced to illuminate the asphalt run-off areas less light so as to counteract the confusion of the driver. Thanks to the holding as a night race in the East Asian area Viewers in Europe can follow the Grand Prix as usual in the afternoon, which should have a positive impact on television ratings.

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Track characteristics

The route runs counterclockwise and 70% on public roads, which is why it is called a temporary race track. The curve is typical of a street circuit only partially, although there are numerous 90 degree turns, which can be traveled only very slowly, but also high-speed passages, which happens to be just under 300 km / h, what a course on public road path, is extremely fast. The Marina Bay Street Circuit is to be the fastest street circuit in the history of Formula 1, according to Bernie Ecclestone. The number of 26 curves (15 left, 11 right) is currently the highest in the Formula 1 calendar and requires the transmission through the many shifts a lot from. The course has been built very wide, the narrowest point of the course measures ten meters, which corresponds to the race track in Monaco the widest point.


The newly start-finish area is located in the east of the district of Marina Bay in the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, under which the course passes four times. A turn leads this new part of the track on the normal roads - first the Republic Boulevard, then the Raffles Boulevard. At the end of this road and the speed limit is reached. Then perform three 90 ° bends on the St Andrew 's Road along the Padang and some old buildings from the British colonial period, such as the Old Supreme Court Building. After a straight line follows the triple chicane, the " Singapore Sling " is called. This is followed by the nearly 100 -year-old Anderson Bridge, the narrowest part of the circuit. A slow bend the old Fullerton hotel via the wide Esplanade Bridge back into the modern district of Marina Bay. When Esplanade Theatre performs a right turn to the last section of the course, consisting of a few slow 90 ° curves. Here, the course will under a grandstand pass before he leads Flyers to twice the target curve at Singapore. 2013, there were minor changes to the course. After frequent departures was the so-called " Singapore Sling ", the left-right -left passage to curve 10, disarmed and replaced by a single left turn. However, this does not lead to noticeable improvements in lap times, as the old curve anyway as a single was driven. The old deflector this curve combination were so high that some of the drivers took off the In driving. Particularly spectacular was an accident of Kamui Kobayashi, who flew high above one meter.


All winners of the Formula 1 race in Singapore

1 The 61 rounds planned race was flagged because of the stipulated in the regulations the maximum traveling time of two hours after the 59th round.

Record winner Driver: Sebastian Vettel ( 3) Record winner designers: Red Bull ( 3) Record winner Engine Manufacturer: Renault ( 4) Record winner tire manufacturer Bridgestone / Pirelli ( 3 each) Record winner nations: Germany ( 3)