Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is with a height of 165 meters, the largest Ferris wheel in the world. It stands in a beach-front park on the outskirts of the city state of Singapore and sparked when it opened the Star of Nanchang from the largest observation wheel in the world.


Was built the Singapore Flyer from the Great Wheel Corporation; the construction costs amounted to about 135 million euros and were applied by German investors. Responsible for the safety-related decrease of the Ferris wheel, TÜV Süd.

February 11, 2008, guests were transported on the Ferris wheel for the first time; the opening to the public took place on March 1.

The Singapore Flyer sparked the Star of Nanchang from the largest observation wheel in the world, but this item can not lead for long. Currently, two even larger giant wheels in Dubai (185 meters ) and Beijing (208 meters) built or planned.

On December 23, 2008, at about 17 clock local time led a short circuit in one of the engines of the Ferris wheel to a six-hour power outage. About 170 passengers were temporarily included; a part of them has been roped in an hours-long rescue operation from the capsules. Shortly after 23 clock local time, the glitch was fixed so that the other passengers could leave the capsules themselves. The operator put the ferris wheel silently after the incident for several days.

Method of construction

The construction of the Singapore Flyer is based on that of the London Eye. The wheel 112 is fixed to each of 8 cm thick steel cables to the hub. As a so- constructed wheel in itself is not closed until stable, it was stabilized in building with massive spokes.

The wheel turns slowly but evenly and will not stop for boarding. One revolution takes about 30 minutes. The admission price for a ride is the equivalent of about 15 euros per person.

The ferris wheel has 28 gondolas that each hold up to 28 people, giving a total capacity of 784 people. The number " 28" case has a symbolic meaning: The 8 by the residents of Singapore as the happiness accordingly understood 28 as Double Happiness. The nacelles are mounted in two rings mounted outside of the wheel so that it does not interfere in the highest position, the view can range up to 45 km. Since the large glass areas create a greenhouse effect, each of the cabins on four air conditioners which cool the air and dry, with an hour and gondola apply 32 liters of condensate. The water is drained after each round of the gondolas. This is reflected no water from the outside air at the surface of the cooled gondolas, the room temperature, the cabin is customized at each passage of the station.

The strong winds in Singapore produce air turbulence around the two pillars, the resulting air pressure fluctuations occurring enable these to vibrate. In order to avoid any fatigue is equipped with a vibration damper, which can be reached via a 85 m high ladder. As vibration serve two and a half tons of steel that have 10 cm clearance to swing. Take the movement of the pillars into itself, which is then converted into heat shock absorbers.