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Jaguar Racing was a British Formula 1 racing team based in Milton Keynes England. He went end of 1999 from the Stewart Grand Prix team which had been bought entirely by the Ford Motor Company. End of 2004, Ford pulled out of Formula 1 and sold the team to the Austrian energy drink producer Red Bull, as the Red Bull Racing takes part in the World Cup since the 2005 season.


Since the traditional British car brand Jaguar had already been bought in the 1990s by the U.S. carmaker Ford, you have to see the Jaguar Formula 1 team as a work team from Ford. The Jaguar brand has been placed due to their sporting tradition and for purposes of revival of their myth in Formula 1. Since Ford was also principal owner of the English engine manufacturer Cosworth, the Jaguar racing cars have always been driven to make better use of group-wide synergies of Cosworth engines.

Jaguar Racing took part in the premier class at a total of 85 Grand Prix. Success of the team was not granted: first starting positions, fastest laps, or even Grand Prix victories were - from world championships to mention. Only twice a Jaguar pilot climbed onto the podium: The Northern Irishman Eddie Irvine was in Monaco in 2001 and Italy in 2002 off third. Once a Jaguar driver was in the front row: The Australian Mark Webber qualified surprising in Malaysia in 2004 as a runner-up.

The history of the team was marked by frequent changes in personnel. Team managers, technical directors and chief designers were committed and released again, even with the drivers, there was fluctuation. In five years, eight pilots steered the overall slow and prone Jaguar racer. The first hired as a consultant in February 2001, former Formula 1 World Champion Niki Lauda was six months later as the successor to Bobby Rahals team manager at Jaguar. But under his leadership, the track record did not improve, in November 2002, had to go Lauda.

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