Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix was first held in 1928. Since 1985, the Grand Prix is part of the Formula 1 World Championship. In Formula 1 he was until 1995 on the Adelaide Street Circuit always as a season finale, held since 1996 on the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, mostly as the season opener.


On November 3, 1991 in Adelaide was the shortest race held in the history of Formula 1. After only 24 min 34.899 s and 14 laps ( 52.920 km ), the race was canceled due to rain.

On 4 March 2001, during the race, an accident in which the 51 -year-old marshal Graham Beveridge was the death occurred. He was hit by a torn-off wheel from the Canadian Jacques Villeneuve BAR 003 and still died at the accident site.

On March 16, achieved in 2008 of 22 riders started only 6 goal. Reason was also the FIA system for the elimination of traction control.


Due to sponsorship contracts, the official name of the Grand Prix changed often, currently he is called Qantas Australian Grand Prix.


Location of Adelaide and Melbourne


1 The race was decided after a handicap rule.