Sports car

The term sports car usually called two-seater passenger vehicles with relatively low height ( or two-seater with two additional auxiliary seats ), are in their construction usually have higher performance than the four -seat passenger car and good handling in the foreground. Sports cars are characterized by a favorable power to weight ratio ( part by powerful engines ), above-average performance braking systems and running gear from tight. Comfort, utility and practicality, in contrast, for pure sports car of minor importance. They differ in the sports coupes and sporty convertibles such as the VW Karmann Ghia, who have the same chassis as a passenger car, and sport sedans.

The exact definition of a sports car is often difficult because there are no set criteria or data that make a vehicle a sports car.

Sports cars in terms of FIA Regulations 1966-1975 were racing vehicles like the Porsche 906 or the Ford GT40 for the road could have been admitted. In order to participate in the sports car category in a race, first had to have been built at least 50 and as of 1969 at least 25 pieces of the same type. ( Homologation )

Generally applicable features

  • Low center of gravity
  • Aerodynamically optimized design of the body, resulting in high final velocity
  • Optimal axle load distribution: 50 to 40 percent on the front axle
  • Small storage compartment or trunk
  • Low power to weight ratio
  • Above-average acceleration values
  • High power density of the engine, usually by very high rotatory power ( short-stroke )
  • Tight, tailored to sporty driving style sports suspension


Also Gran Turismo (GT ) and muscle cars are sports cars in the conventional sense, especially when they - are used in racing and the abbreviation " GT " is not only a "certain " sportiness displays - possibly in a modified version.

In motorsports, there are sports car race in various categories, such as the FIA GT Championship.

The fastest street-legal supercars in the world is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. He replaced the 2009 SSC Ultimate Aero TT from than the previously fastest production car. The new record was set Bugatti test driver Pierre -Henri Raphanel on the VW test track Lessien; He is 431.072 km / h However, the car had at the time the record drive not street legal.

Registrations in Germany

Since 2007, the Federal Motor Vehicle Office shall keep the sports car segment. For figures on annual new registrations of passenger cars in the sports car segment in Germany according to statistics from the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, see the list of registrations of new passenger cars in Germany by segment and model series # sports car.