1959 Formula One season

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The Formula 1 season 1959 was the 10th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through nine races in the period of 10 May 1959 to 12 December 1959.

The FIA honorary title of European Grand Prix was awarded to the French Grand Prix in 1959.

Jack Brabham won for the first time the drivers' world championship. Cooper was first Constructors' world champions.

The World Champion from 1958, Mike Hawthorn was resigned and died in an accident in the winter in a traffic accident. The Team Vanwall, constructors world champion in 1958, no longer started as a factory team.

The Ferrari team with the pilots Tony Brooks, Phil Hill, Dan Gurney and others sat still on the concept of front motor, which could show his class only at high-speed. In other courses, the Ferrari was against inferior to the new mid-engined car. To favorites Stirling Moss also counted in private by Rob Walker Cooper, the Cooper works team with Jack Brabham, Bruce McLaren and the other was not considered a favorite.

The World Championship races

GP of Monaco - Monte- Carlo (10 May 1959)

Start of the season in Monaco, 16 drivers qualified. The pole position took Stirling Moss in the private Cooper, initially led Jean Behra, however, until the 21st round strike his engine. Then Moss dominated the race, but retired 20 laps to go due to problems with the power transmission. Thus the way was clear for Jack Brabham, who celebrated his first victory on Cooper - Climax in a World Championship race.

500 miles of Indianapolis - Indianapolis (30 May 1959)

In training there was with Jerry and Bob Cortner Our two fatal accidents. The race itself is one of the best Indianapolis 500, as four riders long time dueled for the win. At the end of Rodger Ward was in the new Watson forward. Europeans were not at the start, and the organizers took as little consideration for each other, evidenced by the fact that the next day took place the GP of the Netherlands.

GP Netherlands - Zandvoort (31 May 1959)

Joakim Bonnier celebrated with B.R.M. his only victory in a Formula 1 World Championship races. A promising debut in the Scotsman Innes Ireland, who drove a Lotus directly to 4th place. For fiasco, however, came the debut of Aston Martin, whose front-engine concept was technically outdated.

France GP / GP Europe - Reims (5 July 1959)

On the high -speed track in Reims dominated in extreme heat, the Ferraris, Tony Brooks and Phil Hill scored a double victory unchallenged. His F1 debut Dan Gurney at Ferrari, but had to retire due to cooler problems already in the 20th round. Jean also Behras Ferrari fell out; the Angry Behra was palpable to the team manager and was fired. Standings: Brabham 19 points, Brooks 14 points, 9 points P. Hill

GP Great Britain - Aintree (18 July 1959)

Due to a strike in Italy Ferrari was unable to attend this Grand Prix with his drivers Phil Hill and Dan Gurney. Ferrari driver Tony Brooks was forced to switch to a Vanwall, but retired after 14 laps with engine problems out. By winning now enlarged Jack Brabham its lead. Standings: Brabham 27 points, Brooks 14 points, 9 points P. Hill

GP Germany - Berlin / AVUS (2 August 1959)

For the first time since the 1920s, the Grand Prix of Germany was held on the AVUS in Berlin. To avoid flat tires on the narrow track, the race was first held in Formula 1 in two runs, each containing 30 rounds. Jack Brabham retired with his Cooper in the 1st running due to clutch failure from. With the addition of the two runs was then shown the dominance of the Ferrari drivers. All three pilots were on the podium. However, this race also had a tragic side: On the eve of Jean Behra was killed in a support race with a Porsche fatal. Then Porsche also attracted the participation of Wolfgang von Trips back. Standings: Brabham 27 points, Brooks 23 points, P. Hill 13 points

GP Portugal - Monsanto (23 August 1959)

Stirling Moss was in Portugal a class by itself. He dominated the training of more than 2 seconds and lapped the entire field in the race. Standings: Brabham 27 points, Brooks 23 points, 17.5 points Moss

Italian GP - Monza (13 September 1959)

The duel against Cooper Ferrari went on in Italy. Stirling Moss took pole and could also leave behind in the race, the Italian racing cars. After the GP of Italy the championship standings looked like this: 31 points Brabham, Moss 25.5 points, Brooks 23 points. Before the season finale in the U.S. only these pilots for the world title came in question. Moss and Brooks had to win at all costs; if one of the two should win, Brabham absolutely had to finish second.

GP U.S. - Sebring (12 December 1959)

For the first time in addition to Indianapolis, a new U.S. Grand Prix was held. After Stirling Moss, who started from the pole, already had to give up in the 6th round due to gearbox failure, only came Brabham and Brooks for the world title in question. However, Brooks had considerable difficulties during the race to keep the connection to the two pilots McLaren Cooper and Trintignant, so that Brabham drove only on safety and always kept behind Brooks. In the end it was again exciting, as Brabham in the last round ran out of fuel. He pushed his car 800 meters to the finish. Brooks only reached the 3rd place and Brabham was in fourth new F1 World Champion. Bruce McLaren, however, made ​​his first GP victory and was then 22 years and 3 months, the youngest winner of a world championship run.

Drivers' championship

The first five of each race were 8, 6, 4, 3 and 2 points, one more point there was for the fastest race lap. The best five results counted.

Constructors' Championship

The best five results counted. Points were awarded only for the highest-ranked riders from each team.