Harry Schell

Harry Schell ( born June 29, 1921 in Paris, † May 13, 1960 in Silverstone ) was an American living in France racing driver.

Schell's parents, Laury Schell and Lucie O'Reilly Schell, who lived in Paris, were well-known racer in the 1930s. His mother denied numerous races and also headed the Delahaye racing team, drove for René Dreyfus, Gianfranco Comotti and others. Harry himself had in 1940 at the 500-mile race at Indianapolis its first appearance. The Second World War, in which Schell was used in the U.S. Air Force interrupted his career, but shortly after 1945 he again took part in the race.

Was it first Formula 2 cars, so he came later to Formula 1 and contested between 1950 and 1960 56 world championship races. He became the first rider through its participation in the Grand Prix of Monaco in 1950 with a Cooper -JAP, who drove a race car with mid-engine in a World Championship race. Then until 1955, he began with moderate success on Maserati, Gordini and Ferrari. His first World Championship points he reached on Vanwall at the GP of Belgium 1956. In the Formula 1 season 1957 he was team-mate Juan Manuel Fangio on Maserati and reached the GP of Pescara third place. In the seasons 1958 and 1959 Schell belonged to the BRM factory team and scored at the GP of the Netherlands in 1958 with the second place his best Formula 1 result.

In addition, Schell joined, like many other drivers of his era, when not at the World Cup scoring formula 1 racing and sports car racing. A great victory was never able Schell, however, many second and third places can recognize his class.

" Arry ", as he was called because of the French pronunciation of his name was feared for his loose attitude to life and his reputation as a playboy popular with the public and the racing colleagues because of his jokes.

The end of 1959 Schell moved to Cooper racing team. On 13 May 1960 he came while training for a not for the World Cup scoring race at Silverstone onto the wet track of the track and was killed.

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