June 29

June 29 is the 180th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 181st in leap years), thus still 185 days remain until the end of the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0922: Robert I of France can choose anti-king in western France. King Charles III. immediately begins the battle against the usurper of the throne.
  • 0983: Dissatisfied Slavs invaded the bishopric Havel mountain. The thus beginning Slavs uprising blocked two centuries, the population east of the Elbe.
  • 0984: On the court day in Rara ( tube / Thuringia ) Heinrich passes of Bavaria ( the Brawler ) the already crowned king under age three years of Otto III. to Theophanu.
  • 1073: King Henry IV refuses in Goslar to receive a delegation coming with complaints Prince of Saxony, and thus solves a Saxon war.
  • 1128: Konrad III. was crowned as the Lombard king of Italy.
  • 1149: The Battle of Inab win Muslims under Nur ad -Din against the army of the Principality of Antioch. The head of the defeated Raymond of Antioch receives the Caliph of Baghdad as a gift.
  • 1236: after previous siege of Cordoba During the Reconquista manages the Castilian King Ferdinand III. the reconquest of the city by the Almohads.
  • 1312: Henry VII is crowned Holy Roman Emperor. It is the first imperial coronation since the fall of the Hohenstaufen.


Science and Technology



  • 2009: The former finance and stock broker Bernard L. Madoff is sentenced in court to 150 years' imprisonment. With a system based on the Ponzi scheme investment fund he has caused a loss of about 65 billion U.S. dollars.



Minor accidents are listed in the sub- items of disaster.


  • 2005: Brazil won the Confederations Cup in Germany against Argentina 4-1. Germany wins the match for 3rd place in Leipzig against Mexico 4-3 after extra time.
  • 2008: In the final of the European Football Championship for men in Austria and Switzerland, the Spanish national football team Germany defeated at Vienna's Ernst -Happel-Stadion 1-0, becoming European champions after 44 years again.
  • 2009: In the final of U -21 Football Championship for men in Sweden, the German U -21 national team defeated the German U21 national team in Malmö in the Swedbank Stadion 4-0 and is thus for the first time U-21 football European champions.

Entries of Athletics world records are located under the respective discipline under Athletics. Entries to the World Cup games are found in the bottoms of football 's World Cup. The same is true for the European Football Championships.


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21st Century

  • 2001: Silvio Angelo Pio Oddi, Cardinal
  • 2002: Alfred Dregger, German politician and Member of Parliament
  • 2002: Rosemary Clooney, American actress and singer
  • 2003: Rodney Amateau, American screenwriter, producer and director
  • 2003: Katharine Hepburn, American actress
  • 2003: Oswald Malura, German painter
  • 2005: Mikkel Flagstad, Norwegian jazz saxophonist and clarinetist -
  • 2006: Fabián Bielinsky, Argentine director
  • 2006: Lloyd Richards, American actor and theater director
  • 2006: Marie -Louise Henry, German - French Protestant theologian
  • 2007: George McCorkle, American musician and songwriter
  • 2007: Edward Yang, Taiwanese film director and screenwriter
  • 2008: William R. Bennett, American physicist
  • 2008: Hans Caninenberg, German actor and writer
  • 2008: Don S. Davis, American actor and visual artist
  • 2009: Erwin Schopper, German physicist
  • 2010: Rudolf Leopold, Austrian ophthalmologist and art collector

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances St. Simon Peter, Roman martyr, bishop and patron saint (Protestant, Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox)
  • St. Paul of Tarsus, theologian and missionary, martyr and patron saint (Protestant, Catholic)
  • Peter and Paul, Solemnity ( Anglican, Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox )
  • Name Days Gero, Judith, Petra

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