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Year of the Fire Rooster丁酉( at the beginning of the year Fire Monkey丙申)

Kōki 2557

Syria: 2208/ 09 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January
  • 2.2 in February
  • 2.3 March
  • 2.4 April
  • 2.5 May
  • 2.6 in June
  • 2.7 in July
  • 2.8 August
  • 2.9 September
  • 2:10 October
  • 2:11 November
  • 2:12 December
  • 2:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 3.1 First Quarter
  • 3.2 Second Quarter
  • 3.3 Third Quarter
  • 3.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 3.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs


  • January 28: In Austria - Hungary the patent laws shall be adopted. It replaces the rules in Imperial patents that previously granted rights for inventions.
  • April to November: Badeni crisis in the Habsburg Monarchy reveals the difficulties of the Austro -Czech balancing. April 5: Language Ordinance for Bohemia and Moravia: double -lingual office management defined. The protest is considered the beginning of the German national Los -von- Rom movement.
  • November 28: Fall of the Prime Minister Kasimir Felix Badeni after riots in Prague and Vienna.


  • FEBRUARY 28: Queen Ranavalona III. is sent to Madagascar by the French General Joseph Gallieni. The last monarch of the island is exiled.
  • September 11: The Kingdom of Kaffa ends after months of fighting with the armed forces of Ethiopia under Emperor Menelik II because Kaffas King Gaki Sherocho results.
  • The British subject the centuries not conquered kingdom of Benin in the southwest of present-day Nigeria.


  • March 4: Inauguration of William McKinley as the 25th U.S. president. It replaces Grover Cleveland.
  • July 17: As two tons of gold ship cargo to be unloaded in Seattle, breaks there a gold rush to the Klondike River. Two days earlier, have spread the news about Nugget finds in San Francisco prospectors.
  • December 12: The Belo Horizonte, officially created is the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The small settlement around a farm has been further developed by a city planner on the drawing board to the metropolis.


Other international events

  • 26 -31. August: Theodor Herzl organized the first Zionist Congress in Basel, which calls for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.


  • February 6: The Hamburg dockers' strike, one of the largest industrial action in the German Empire, ends with the complete defeat of the strikers.
  • March 7: The physician John Harvey Kellogg leaves the patient in his sanitarium in Battle Creek ( Michigan) for the first time serve cornflakes, he invented together with his brother, Will Keith Kellogg.
  • April 12: In Switzerland, the coin " Gold Vreneli " is put into circulation.
  • June 12: The Swiss Army Knife is protected as a trademark.
  • 22 July: The cigarette brand " ROTH- HÄNDLE " is entered in the German Commercial Register.
  • September 1: The Tremont Street Subway is the first subway in the United States in Boston in operation. Today, their range part of the Green Line of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.
  • September 30: In Berlin, the first German automobile club is founded, the Central European motor car club.
  • September 30: In Berlin Hotel Bristol a small car show takes place, which is considered the forerunner of the first international automobile exhibition. It can be seen eight motor cars.

Science and Technology


Chemistry and Physics

  • Joseph John Thomson and Emil Wiechert discover the first elementary particles, by demonstrating the nature of the cathode rays as the electron (Thomson in: Philosophical Magazine 44 (1897 ), 293; Wiechert in: Writings of Königsberg Society 38 (1897 ) ).

Polar Research

Technical achievements

  • JANUARY 28: Rudolf Diesel has successfully invented by him engine in gear.
  • February 17: After careful consideration of the Technical University of Munich, picks up the 10 hp engine developed by Rudolf Diesel in the Maschinenfabrik Augsburg, the first experimental diesel engine.
  • AUGUST 31: Thomas Alva Edison filed a patent his Kinetoscope, a forerunner of the movie projector.
  • November 3: The first rigid airship of a few months earlier deceased designer David Schwarz rises on the Tempelhof field in the air. The trip ends after the failure of the control in a crash landing of the first made ​​with aluminum parts airship. The end because among the spectators Graf Zeppelin acquires little later the rights.

Teaching and research


  • September 26: The fast steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse of the North German Lloyd wins the blue ribbon.
  • The cathode ray tube is being developed by Ferdinand Braun.


Fine Arts

  • April 3: founding of the Vienna Secession
  • JULY 21: The Tate Gallery in London is opened.
  • August 4: In Spain, the bust Dama de Elche is found by chance, a sculpture of the Iberians from about the 5th century BC