Thai solar calendar

The Suriyakati calendar ( Thai: ปฏิทิน สุริยคติ ไทย also: Thai solar calendar ) is the most common in Thailand calendar system. It is based on the Gregorian calendar most widely used, but used to count the years, the Buddhist era (BE). Thus, the annual figures are around 543 higher than in the Christian era.

Was introduced in the calendar of King Chulalongkorn ( Rama V ) in 1888, although at that time the New Year still fell on April 1 of each year. 1941 (2484 BE) was the New Year's then laid by the then Prime Minister Phibul Songkhram Thailand on January 1, so that the year 2483 BE was only nine months.

Before the introduction of Suriyakati calendar, the official calendar system in Thailand was the Thai lunar calendar is still used for the determination of the Buddhist holidays.

Calendar in Thailand is now included for convenience both calendar systems. The year according to the Buddhist era is here written in Thai numerals whereas the Gregorian year number is listed both in Arabic and in Chinese digits.

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