June 8

The June 8 is the 159th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 160th in leap years), thus remain 206 more days until the end of the year.

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  • 3.2 19th century
  • 3.3 20th century
  • 3.4 21st century


Politics and World Affairs


Science and Technology

  • 2004: The Transit of Venus, a rare astronomical event, takes place.




  • 0632: Mohammed, founder of Islam, dies at the age of 61 years in Medina. The news of his death dissolves in the place of great confusion. The death of the Prophet is unthinkable for some. His body is therefore neglected for a day.
  • 1526: The Baden disputation is in Switzerland to end. The Catholic side with their spokesman John Eck sits opposite Reformation arguments put forward John Oecolampadius and Berchtold Haller as a representative of Ulrich Zwingli, by. Nine levels of the Diet opt for the old, four for the new faith.


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Before the 20th century

Giovanni Domenico Cassini (* 1625)

Wolf Caspar von Klengel (* 1630)

Juliane of Hesse- Philippsthal (* 1761)

Robert Schumann (* 1810)

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0062: Octavia, daughter of Claudius and wife of Nero
  • 0632: Mohammed, founder of Islam
  • 1042: Knut Hardi, King of Denmark
  • 1376: Edward of Woodstock the " Black Prince ", eldest son of Edward III, father of King Richard II and Prince of Wales.
  • 1488: Sigismund von Lamberg, Bishop of Laibach
  • 1573: Sebastian Boetius, German Protestant theologian
  • 1578: Christoph von Carlowitz, Saxon diplomat
  • 1612: Hans Leo Hassler, German composer
  • 1628: . Rudolf Goclenius the Elder, German professor of philosophy, ethics and physics
  • 1649: Vincenzo Carafa, Italian general of the Society of Jesus
  • 1650: Maximilian of Trauttmansdorff, Austrian politician
  • 1701: Philip I, Duke of Orléans, brother of Louis XIV
  • 1714: Sophie of the Palatinate, Duchess of Brunswick- Lüneburg, Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom
  • 1727: August Hermann Francke, German theologian and social worker
  • 1768: Johann Joachim Winckelmann, German archaeologist
  • 1794: Gottfried August Bürger, German poet from the time of Sturm und Drang
  • 1795: . Louis XVII, Crown Prince of France

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Hedwig Bollhagen, German co-founder of the HB workshops for ceramics
  • 2001: Clarence A. Forbes, American historian
  • 2002: John Weidenheim, German writer
  • 2003: Günter Gerlach, German church musicians, school music teacher and composer
  • 2005: Erich Schmidt, German church musician
  • 2007: Richard Rorty, American philosopher
  • 2008: Peter Rühmkorf, German poet, novelist and essayist
  • 2009: Bertil Andersson, Swedish ice hockey and soccer players
  • 2009: Omar Bongo, President gabuanischer
  • 2009: Leo Brawand, German journalist
  • 2009: Hans Brox, German civil law scholars, judges of the Federal Constitutional Court
  • 2009: Harold Norse, American author and poet
  • 2011: Anatole Abragam, French physicist
  • 2012: Christiane Weber, German singer and comedienne
  • 2012: Ghassan Tueni, a Lebanese journalist, editor, diplomat and politician
  • 2013: Yoram Kaniuk, an Israeli writer and journalist
  • 2013: Willi Sitte, German painter and graphic artist

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances: August Hermann Francke, German theologian and founder of Institute ( Protestant)
  • Hermann Bezzel, German warden ( Protestant)
  • St. Medard, missionary, bishop and patron saint ( Catholic)
  • Anniversaries of international organizations Day of the Sea (UN ) (since 1992)

More entries contains the list of commemorative and action days.

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