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Year of the Water Hare癸卯(since 29 January in front of Water Tiger壬寅)

Kōki 2563

Syria: 2214/15 ( the year in October )

  • 3.1 January
  • 3.2 in February
  • 3.3 March
  • 3.4 April
  • 3.5 May
  • 3.6 in June
  • 3.7 in July
  • 3.8 August
  • 3.9 September
  • 3:10 October
  • 3:11 November
  • 3:12 December
  • 3:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 4.1 First Quarter
  • 4.2 Second Quarter
  • 4.3 Third Quarter
  • 4.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 4.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs


  • 24 June: Peter I will be the new king of Serbia.
  • JULY 29: Bloody suppression of strikes and unrest in Kiev, Odessa, Tbilisi and Baku by the Russian military
  • July 30: In Brussels, the Second Congress of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Russia will be opened secretly. He must soon be laid out to London because the police asking the delegates to leave Belgium.
  • August 2nd: On Elias - day Bulgarians rise in Macedonia and Thrace, organized by the Bulgarian Macedonia - Adrian Opeler Revolutionary Committee against the Ottoman Turkish rule in the Ilinden Uprising Preobraschenie.


  • November 3: landing of U.S. warships in Panama, whose secession is directed (also called " Operetta Revolution") of Colombia with this staged by the U.S. action in the way.
  • November 18: In Washington, D.C. Bunau - Varilla the Hay contract is concluded between the United States and Panama, the U.S. provides the Panama Canal Zone, including sovereign rights.


  • Sokoto is defeated by the British under Frederick Lugard. The detached from Sokoto region of Konni is French West Africa slammed.


  • Beginning of the British campaign in Tibet


  • January 29: is born The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany is the first bilateral trade association in Germany.
  • March 5: The Ottoman Empire granted the Anatolian Railway concession for the construction of the Baghdad railway.
  • MAY 19: The automobile company Buick Motor Company was founded.
  • MAY 24: The ADAC is founded.
  • June 16: The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan.
  • June 16. The U.S. American Pharmacists Caleb Bradham receives the trademark Pepsi -Cola for ten years before he invented soft drink only.
  • July 16: In Berlin, an international monetary conference takes place. It was decided a fixed exchange ratio between gold and silver currencies.
  • JULY 25: The Ford Motor Company starts selling its first car, the "Model A".
  • August 22: The strike of textile workers Crimmitschauer start; partial strike more than 9,300 workers
  • September 20: The AFMA ( Institute for Musical Performers ) arises, a predecessor organization GEMA.
  • October 1: Reinhold Burger receives a patent in Germany on the researched by him jug. After its sale later in 1920 Thermos flasks are manufactured as a product serially from the year.
  • December 13: The Italian immigrant Italo Marcioni in Hoboken (New Jersey) awarded U.S. patent number 746,971 for his invention of machine for making ice cream cones out of waffle batter.
  • The company Harley- Davidson in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, William S. "Bill" Harley (1880 - 1943) and Arthur Davidson (1881 - 1950), and later William A. Davidson and Walter Davidson (1877 - 1942) founded as Harley -Davidson motor Co..
  • The company force or Kraft Foods is in Chicago by James Lewis founded force.
  • The Werther confectionary factory founded by August Storck.
  • Maggie Walker founded for the Grand United Order of St. Luke Penny Savings Bank. She is the first woman in the United States, founded a bank, as well as the first African-American woman who runs a banking house.

Science and Technology

  • September 30: The ferry Warnemünde Online Magazine, the first rail ferry in the world is, in the presence of King Christian IX. opened by Denmark and Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV of Mecklenburg -Schwerin.
  • October 27: On the military railway between Marie Felde and Zossen is powered by a three-phase motor coach with 210.2 km / h world speed record for rail vehicles.
  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the father of modern space theory, published in the Russian science magazine Scientific Rundschau under the title: " exploration of space by means of chemical reactors " for the first time, the theoretical effects of a rocket drive as a Rocket Equation for the foundation of today's aerospace technology.
  • In Berlin, Emil Rathenau founded the General Electricitäts -Gesellschaft ( AEG)
  • Oskar von Miller founded the German Museum in Munich
  • Philipp Lenard discovered that electron beams penetrate metal foil and develops his mind, that most of the atom must be empty
  • Joseph John Thomson developed named after him Thomson's atomic model ( raisin cake model)



  • Edwin S. Porter rotates the first Western film history: The Great Train Robbery has a length of twelve minutes. The premiere will take place on December 1st.