August 15

August 15th is the 227th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 228th in leap years), thus 138 days remain until the end of the year.

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  • 2.2 18th century
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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0029 BC: Octavian is successively celebrated in the third triumph in Rome as the conqueror of Egypt and takes control over the Roman Empire.
  • 0718: The naval blockade of Constantinople Opel by Arab attackers Maslamah is abandoned. His land forces had previously been decimated by a fight with the army of the allies of Byzantium Bulgarian Khan Tervel during the siege of the city.
  • 0778: The rearguard of the Frankish army of Charlemagne is ambushed in the valley of Roncesvalles from local Basques and completely destroyed. Among the dead is also the Breton Markgraf Hruotland, the later the Song of Roland is dedicated.
  • 0927: The guided by the Slavs Sabir al - Fata Saracens destroy the Greco- Roman city of Tarentum.
  • 1057: The Scottish king Macbeth falls in the battle of Lumphanan against Duncan's son Malcolm III, who support Edwards the Confessor assured. .
  • 1235: At the meeting convened by Emperor Frederick II Reichstag in Mainz Mainzer Landfriede is decided.
  • 1261: After the recapture of Constantinople Michael VIII Opel moves into the capital of the Byzantine Empire and is crowned a second time. The Latin Empire ended with the flight of his regent Baldwin II.


  • 2001: After more than 60 years, takes a Zeppelin Zeppelin NT with the back on the passenger ride operation.
  • 2003: In Germany the law to combat the misuse of value-added services numbers ( Value Added Services Act) to protect consumers is made, inter alia before dialers.

Science and Technology





  • 2007: An earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale off the coast of Peru at least 450 people die. About 1,500 others were injured.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub- items of disaster.


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Before the 18th century

  • 0774: Heizei, Emperor of Japan
  • 1171: . Alfonso IX, King of Leon
  • 1195: Anthony of Padua, Portuguese Franciscan, theologian and preacher
  • 1233: Philip Benizi, Italian Superior General of the Servites
  • 1255: Matteo I Visconti, political leader Milan
  • 1402: Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham, great-grandson of King Edward III.
  • 1455: George the Rich, Duke of Bavaria -Landshut
  • 1488: Fernando Columbus, Spanish navigator
  • 1524: Michael Teuber, German jurist, professor and constitutional legislator
  • 1536: Johann Münch, German legal scholar
  • 1561: Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia, Spanish organist and composer ( baptism date )
  • 1568: Zdeněk Vojtěch of Lobkowicz, Czech nobleman and politician
  • 1575: Bartol Kašić, Croatian Jesuit linguist
  • 1581 Jeremias Drexel, German Jesuit and devotional writer of the Counter Reformation
  • 1603: Jacob Tappe, German physicians
  • 1608: Henry Howard, Earl of Arundel 22, English nobleman
  • 1609: Nicolas Fiva, mathematician and the first Swiss Jesuit in the Far East
  • 1633: Christian von Stökken, German writer
  • 1653: Johann Friedrich Gleditsch, German book publisher
  • 1679: Adam Friedrich Wroth, German cartographer
  • 1682: Annibale Albani, Italian cardinal
  • 1685: Jacob Theodor Klein, German scientist, mathematician and diplomat

18th century

Napoleon Bonaparte (* 1769)

Walter Scott (* 1771)

Elias Magnus Fries (* 1794)

19th century

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0388: . Shapur III, the Persian king
  • 0423: Honorius, Western Roman Emperor first
  • 0778: Hruotland, Breton Markgraf and hero Song of Roland
  • 0874: Altfrid, Bishop of Hildesheim
  • 0952: Suzaku, 61 Tennō of Japan
  • 1038: Stephen I, the first king of Hungary
  • 1057: Macbeth, King of Scotland

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2002: Heinz -Josef Adamski, German historian, folklorist and high school teachers
  • 2002: Alberto Bertuccelli, Italian footballer
  • 2002: Jesse Brown, American politician
  • 2003: Gerhard Mauz, German journalist
  • 2004: Sune Bergström, Swedish biochemist, Nobel Prize winner
  • 2004: Walter Gehlhoff, German diplomat
  • 2005: James Dougherty, American police officer, first husband of Marilyn Monroe
  • 2005: Thomas Zhao Fengwu, Roman Catholic bishop of Yanzhou
  • 2005: Wolfgang Rauchfuß, German politician, member of the Politburo of the SED Central Committee and deputy. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GDR
  • 2005: Joyce Wine, American music and festival manager
  • 2005: Earl Zindars, American jazz composer and percussionist
  • 2006: Te Atairangikaahu, Queen of the Maori in New Zealand
  • 2006: Rick Bourke, Australian rugby player
  • 2006: Klaus Konrad, German politician, Mdl, MP
  • 2006: Peter Schwerdtner, German legal scholar
  • 2006: Faas Wilkes, Dutch football player
  • 2010: Walter Werner Ameling, German electrical engineer
  • 2010: Ghazi al - Gosaibi, a Saudi writer and diplomat
  • 2010: Franz Freiherr von Hammerstein - Equord, German Protestant theologian
  • 2012: Harry Harrison, American science fiction writer
  • 2012: Elisabeth von Janota - Bzowski, German artist
  • 2012: Ashok Mehta, Indian Cinematographer
  • 2012: Arben Xhaferi, Macedonian politicians
  • 2013: Slawomir Mrozek, Polish writer and playwright
  • 2013: Jörg Pleva, German actor

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances St. Mary ( mother of Jesus): Assumption, Solemnity ( Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox )
  • Anniversary of the death of Mary, Memorial Day (Protestant: ELCA, LCMS )
  • State Holidays and observances Republic of Congo: independence from France (1960 )
  • India: independence from Great Britain (1947 )
  • Liechtenstein: National Day
  • North Korea and South Korea: Independence of Japan (1945 )
  • Poland: Day of the Polish Army

More entries contains the list of commemorative and action days.

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