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Heads of State

Year of the Earth Dog戊戌( at the beginning of the year Fire Rooster丁酉)

Syria: 1429/30 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

  • Emperor John II ascends the throne of Byzantium.
  • Al- Mustarshid is 29th Abbasid Caliph.
  • After the death of Baldwin I. is his cousin Baldwin of Bourcq, formerly Count of Edessa, king of Jerusalem. The County of Edessa takes over its cousin Joscelin of Courtenay.
  • Nine French crusaders, among them Hugh of Payns and Godfrey of Saint- Omer, founded in Jerusalem the "poor knights of Christ from Solomon's Temple" ( Templar ).


  • January 24: John of Gaeta is elected Pope Gelasius II
  • March 8: Maurice Bourdin is chosen at the behest of Emperor Henry V to the anti-pope and chooses the name of Gregory VIII
  • At the Synod of Fritzlar the papal ban against Emperor Henry V is announced and confirmed and dismissed the prince-bishop Otto of Bamberg for his loyalty to the emperor in the Investiture Controversy of his office. Norbert of Xanten, later to become the founder of the Premonstratensian Order and later Archbishop of Magdeburg defended itself successfully against the charge of heresy.
  • December 18: The army of Alfonso I conquered during the Reconquista after a long siege by the Moors held the city of Zaragoza. The King shall determine the location of the new capital of Aragon. The city remains from then on in Christian hands. Settlers in the re- conquered areas get special rights.
  • Ordelafo Faliero falls in the battle of Zadar against the Hungarians. His successor as Doge of Venice, Domenico Michiel is selected.
  • The Kingdom of Thomond in the west of Ireland is founded.


  • Mahmud II was the Seljuk Sultan of both Iraq.

Ersturkundliche mentions

  • The city of Zwickau ( Zcwickaw ) is first mentioned, as is the town of Wolfenbüttel (as Wulferesbutle ).

Science and Technology

  • The Persian astronomer and physicist Al- Khazini created at the observatory in Nishapur (Iran, founded in 1074 ) a star catalog.


  • November 28: Manuel I Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor († 1180)
  • DECEMBER 21: Thomas Becket, English Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of Canterbury († 1170 )
  • Ahmed Rifai, Islamic mystic and founder of the Rifai Order ( † 1181 )
  • 1118: Dietrich of Landsberg and hurry castle, Margrave of Landsberg († 1185 )


  • Ordelafo Faliero, Doge of Venice 34
  • Arnulf of Chocques, clerics, participants of the First Crusade and Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Al- Mustazhir, 28 Abbasid Caliph
  • Henry I, Count of Arlon, Count of Limburg and Duke of Lower Lorraine