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Year of the Water Hare癸卯( at the beginning of the year Water Tiger壬寅)

Syria: 2154/55 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January / February
  • 2.2 March / April
  • 2.3 May / June
  • 2.4 July / August
  • 2.5 September / October
  • 2.6 November / December
  • 2.7 Exact date of birth unknown
  • 3.1 First half of
  • 3.2 Second half of
  • 3.3 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs



  • March 24: With the capture of Hyderabad on the Indus, the troops of the British gain under General Charles James Napier dominion over the area of Sindh.
  • June 26: After the exchange of instruments of ratification of the Treaty of Nanking in Hong Kong Hong Kong proclaimed a British Crown Colony.
  • Portugal comes from the Comoros to France.
  • The Qu ʿ aiti dynasty founded the Sultanate of Shihr and Mukalla.


  • May 2: The first German immigrants arrive in Chilean port Puerto Hambre. They settle mainly around Lake Llanquihue.


  • The Frenchman Antoine Thomson d' Abbadie achieved the first European to the Kingdom of Kaffa.


  • January 23: Jacob Christoph Rad receives a five- year valid Austrian privilege on his invention of sugar cubes Press. The sugar cube is in use.
  • August 1: Second Foundation of Magdeburg Exchange
  • September 2: In London, the Economist magazine is founded.
  • OCTOBER 1: The British weekly newspaper News of the World first appears. It is published by John Browne Bell in London.

Science and Technology


  • February 5: The Daylight Comet of 1843, a member of the Kreutz group, is discovered. The extremely bright comet is one of the great comet of the 19th century.
  • Johann Friedrich Benz Berg founded in Bilk a private observatory, which he calls Charlotte tranquility.

Mathematics and Physics

  • Heinrich Gustav Magnus performs in Berlin his " Physics Colloquium ," then the 1845 for " Physical Society " is (today German Physical Society ).
  • Michael Faraday leads first time by the galvanic nickel plating.

Teaching and research

  • The first university of Costa Rica, the Universidad de Santo Tomás, was founded in San Jose.

Technical achievements

  • March 25: The first one river under crossing tunnel will be opened after 18 years of construction in London. The resulting under the direction of Marc Isambard Brunel and his son Isambard Kingdom Brunel Thames Tunnel can use in the early years exclusively pedestrian.


Fine Arts

  • The Stuttgart State Gallery was opened as the "Museum of Fine Arts ".


  • January 2: The Opera The Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner premiered in Dresden with moderate success. After only four performances she is taken off the Schedule of the Semperoper. Richard Wagner conducts the Royal Saxon Court Orchestra personally.
  • January 3rd: On the Théâtre-Italien in Paris the world premiere of the comic opera Don Pasquale by Gaetano Donizetti done.
  • January 16: Premiere of the opera Le Part du diable ( The Devil's share ) by Daniel- François -Esprit Auber at the Opéra -Comique in Paris
  • April 2: The Gewandhaus Kapellmeister and composer Felix Mendelssohn erected in Leipzig Conservatorium of Music.
  • March 15: world premiere of Charles VI. Fromental Halévy Jacques in Paris
  • May 10: World première of the opera The Sicilian Vespers by Peter Joseph of Lindpaintner in Stuttgart
  • June 5: The premiere of the opera Maria di Rohan by Gaetano Donizetti Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano on a place on the Kärntnertor theater in Vienna. The title role sings Eugenia Tadolini, the two protagonists roles Guasco Carlo and Giorgio Ronconi. The work will be included benevolent of the Viennese critics and played in the next twenty years throughout Europe.