April 11

The April 11 is the 101st day of the Gregorian calendar ( 102nd in leap years), thus remaining 264 days of the year.

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  • 2.2 18th century
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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0217: Choose Add Mesopotamia three days after the murder of the Roman emperor Caracalla, the soldiers Macrinus as his successor after the army has the preferred Marcus Oclatinius Adventus having regard to his age the imperial dignity denied. He is the first emperor who does not belong to the senatorial order.
  • 0491: After the death of Zeno is declared on the initiative of his widow Ariadne Anastasios I. Konstantin Opel Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Zeno übergangener brother Flavius ​​Longinus can be a little later proclaimed rival emperor.
  • 0901: After a Hungarian invasion a present on the way back troops is hit by a contingent of Bavarian knight at Danube tributary Fischa east of Vienna.
  • 1111: With the kidnapping of Pope Paschal II and numerous ecclesiastical dignitaries enforces Emperor Henry V of the Treaty of Ponte Mammolo in which his unlimited investiture is granted, and the imperial coronation on 13 April. He decides the Investiture Controversy provisionally in favor of the Empire.


Science and Technology





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Before the 18th century

  • 0146: Septimius Severus, Roman emperor
  • 1348: Andronikos IV, Byzantine Emperor
  • 1357: John I, King of Portugal
  • 1370: Frederick I, Prince of the House of Wettin
  • 1492: Margaret of Angoulême, Queen of Navarre
  • 1493: Georg I, Duke of Pomerania
  • 1569: Georg Carolides, Czech humanist and poet
  • 1592: John Eliot, English politician
  • 1598: William IV, Duke German
  • 1611: Joachim Ernst von Görzke, kurbrandenburgischer Lieutenant General
  • 1661: Antoine Coypel, French painter
  • 1675: Johann Daniel Herr Schmidt, German Lutheran theologian

18th century

19th century

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0678: Donus, Pope
  • 0714: Guthlac, English hermit and saint
  • 0924: Herman I, Archbishop of Cologne
  • 1034: . Romanos III, Byzantine Emperor
  • 1079: Stanislaus of Cracow, bishop of Krakow, Polish national saint
  • 1245: Goffredus de Trano, Italian jurist
  • 1309: Jørund, Archbishop of Nidaros (Trondheim )
  • 1447: Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, Cardinal, brother of King Henry IV of England
  • 1466: Guillaume de Varax, Bishop of Belley and Lausanne
  • 1512: Gaston de Foix, a French military
  • 1532: Elisabeth von Weida, abbess of Gernrode
  • 1532: Socho, Japanese writer
  • 1591: Levinus Battus, German physicians
  • 1592: John Clajus, German educator, Protestant theologian and grammarian
  • 1621: Matthias von Oppen, German church politicians and economic reformers
  • 1648: Matthew Apelt, German composer and hymn writer
  • 1712: Richard Simon, French exegete, theologian, philosopher and historian of the Catholic faith
  • 1727: Heinrich Theobald Schenk, German Protestant theologian and hymn composer
  • 1759: Heinrich Gottfried Haferung, German Lutheran theologian
  • 1760: Maurice of Anhalt- Dessau, Prussian military leader
  • 1770: August Wilhelm Reinhart, German Protestant theologian
  • 1779: Grigory Nikolaevich Teplow, Russian composer
  • 1781: Joseph Gregory Wink, German painter and plasterer

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Joe Viola, American jazz musician
  • 2004: Paul Hamburger, Austrian pianist
  • 2004: Megumu Sagisawa, Japanese writer
  • 2005: Jerry Byrd, American country singer and musician (Gerald Jerry Byrd )
  • 2005: Maria Rowohlt, German actress and wife of the publisher Rowohlt
  • 2006: Proof, American rapper (D12 )
  • 2006: June Pointer, American singer ( The Pointer Sisters)
  • 2007: Bob Dyer, American singer -songwriter, author and filmmaker
  • 2007: Loïc Leferme, French freediver
  • 2007: Kurt Vonnegut, American novelist
  • 2007: Ronald Speirs, American officer
  • 2008: Claude Abbes, French footballer
  • 2010: Julia Tsenova, Bulgarian composer and pianist
  • 2011: La Esterella, Belgian singer
  • 2011: Brigitte Matschinsky - Denninghoff, German sculptor
  • 2012: Ahmed Ben Bella, Algerian President

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Matthew Apelt, German cantor and poet ( Protestant)
  • St. Guthlac, Anglo-Saxon nobleman, hermit and patron ( Catholic)
  • St. Stanislaus of Cracow, a Polish nobleman, Martyr and Bishop (Catholic (not in Poland) )

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