Marlen Haushofer

Marlen Haushofer, who was born Marie Helene Fraundorfer ( born April 11, 1920 in Mrs. Stone (municipality Molln ); † March 21 1970 in Vienna) was an Austrian writer.


Marlen Haushofer, was born the daughter of a forester and a maid in Mrs. Stone, a district of the Upper Austrian town of Molln. In 1930 Haushofer visited the boarding school of the Ursulines in Linz. In the school year 1938/39, she moved to the high school of the Sisters of the Cross. Since this was done religiously, it fell under the closure adoption, and the NS - school authorities established there a public school. The teaching staff of the Sisters of the Cross, however, continued to teach. Haushofer put on 18 March 1939, this second high school for girls in Linz from their graduation. After a short period of labor service, she studied from 1940 German in Vienna and later ( from 1943) in Graz. She married in 1941 the dentist Manfred Haushofer, with whom she moved to Steyr later. The marriage, which was renewed in 1950 and divorced in 1958, comes from a son, a second, older illegitimate son she brought into the marriage with.

From 1946 published Haushofer smaller stories in magazines. However, a first success she succeeded only in 1952 with the novella The fifth year that describes the title to reflect a year in the growth of a child named Marili in sober nearby. The novel The wall, which was published in 1963 and 2012 into a film, is probably Haushofer's most important work. The world described herein of an isolated life in the forest, which arose in the disaster idyll was, but forget despite the early acclaimed qualities as well as all other works of the author. Only the children's books made ​​thereof one for the reception, however insignificant exception. Only women's movement and women's literature research identified then gradually the importance of time and again with the role of women in the male-dominated society apart translated work and so allowed a re- reception.

On March 21, 1970, was diagnosed with bone cancer poet died after an operation in Vienna at the age of 49 years. After the cremation on March 26 at the fire hall Vienna - Simmering the urn at the Steyr Tabor Cemetery was buried.

Awards and honors

Every two years, the award named after her Marlen Haushofer Literature Prize Steyr.


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Radio plays

  • The crossword puzzle. Red-White- Red, March 12, 1953
  • The survivors. Radio Bremen, June 20, 1958
  • A Midnight Game. WDR, December 27, 1984
  • The Aquarius. WDR / ORF, May 16, 1999

Adaptation of the novel The Wall

On February 12, 2012, the premiere of the film took place at the wall of the 62nd Berlinale in Berlin. The main role was played by Martina Gedeck, directed by Julian Pölsler.