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Heads of State · obituary

Year of the Earth Tiger戊寅( at the beginning of the year fire - buffalo丁丑)

Syria: 2129/30 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January / February
  • 2.2 March
  • 2.3 April
  • 2.4 May / June
  • 2.5 July / August
  • 2.6 September
  • 2.7 in October
  • 2.8 November / December
  • 2.9 Exact date of birth unknown
  • 3.1 First half of
  • 3.2 Second half of
  • 3.3 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs

Aachen Congress

  • September 29: The Aachen Congress of the major powers Russia, Austria, Prussia, France and Britain begins. The rulers and high-ranking representatives of their States to advise on measures to combat the revolutionary- democratic development in Europe. The Aachen Congress considered the first Monarch Congress. Participants are accompanied Tsar Alexander I of Karl Robert Nesselrode, King Frederick William III. of Prussia, Emperor Francis I of Austria accompanied by Christian Günther, Count Bernstorff, Clemens Wenzel Lothar Fürst von Metternich and Prince Karl August von Hardenberg, as the representative of England Arthur Wellesley Wellington and Robert Castlereagh and on the side of France Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu
  • 9 October: During the Aachen Congress is concluded with France a treaty that includes an immediate withdrawal of the occupation forces and reduces the payment of reparations from 700 to 265 million francs.
  • November 15: The inclusion of France comes from the Holy Alliance, the pentarchy the European great powers Russia, Britain, Austria, Prussia and France. It is declared at the Aachen Congress.
  • November 21: The Aachen Congress ends with a declaration of the five great European powers. The monarch Congress proclaimed it the solidarity of the participants to ensure the peace, of faith and morality.

Territory of the German Federal

  • May 26: Bayern receives by edict its second constitution, which replaces those from 1808 and includes the formation of a representation of the people. Munich is the seat of the Bavarian State Parliament and the new archdiocese of Munich and Freising.
  • MAY 26: The new customs law, the different excise taxes in Prussia be replaced by a unified external tariff.
  • August 22: Baden receives an elaborated by Karl Friedrich Nebenius liberal constitution, which provides for a national assembly and makes the Grand Duchy to a constitutional monarchy.
  • December 8: After the death of Grand Duke Karl Ludwig Friedrich Ludwig I. His uncle takes over the reign of the Grand Duchy of Baden.


  • February 5: After the death of Charles XIII. ruled the former French General Jean -Baptiste Bernadotte Charles XIV John. He founded a new dynasty in Sweden.
  • MAY 11: In Stockholm Charles XIV John is crowned king of Sweden. The former Marshal of France founded the Royal House of Bernadotte.

Chilean War of Independence

United States of America

  • December 3: The southern part of the former Illinois Territory is included in the U.S. under the name Illinois than 21 Member States. The northern part is added to the Michigan Territory.

Rurik expedition

  • August 3: The Russian Rurik expedition comes after three years without the hoped-for discovery of the Northwest Passage to the end.


Science and Technology

  • January 3: The last eclipse of a planet by another until the year 2065 will take place ( covered Venus Jupiter). However, no observations of this event have been preserved; it could be observed ( occultations ) only from the Pacific Ocean from.
  • March 2: Giovanni Battista Belzoni discovered the grave chamber in the Pyramid of Chephren again, but finds in it only an empty sarcophagus.
  • October 18: King Friedrich Wilhelm III. quash the University of Duisburg. The University scepter and significant sections of the University Library go to the newly founded Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.