May 25

The 25th of May is the 145th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 146th in leap years), thus 220 days remain until the end of the year.

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  • 0844: A supposedly from the Asturian King Ramiro I. document issued reports on his victory in the Battle of Clavijo. In gratitude for the help of St. James he decree that all Christians of his country would have to pay an annual levy to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Payments are accepted until the deed is exposed as a forgery in favor of the beneficiaries in the 18th century.
  • 1899: In the encyclical Annum Sacrum consecrates Pope Leo XIII. the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Christ and sets the ecclesiastical feast for testing on June 11. The feast is now celebrated on the third Friday after Pentecost.


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Before the 19th century

19th century

20th century




Before the 20th century

  • 0230: Urban I., Bishop of Rome
  • 0615: Boniface IV, Pope 608-615
  • 0709: Aldhelm of Sherborne, English scholar and poet
  • 0967: Murakami, 62 Tennō of Japan
  • 0992: Mieszko I, Prince of Polans
  • 1085: Gregory VII, Pope (as a result of the Investiture Controversy in exile in Salerno)
  • 1261: Alexander IV, Pope from 1254
  • 1510: George of Amboise, French cardinal and statesman
  • 1525: Anton Eisenhut, preachers, and " Captain " in the Peasants' War
  • 1558: Elisabeth of Brandenburg, Marchioness, " Reformation Princess "
  • 1595: Valens Acidalius, German humanist
  • 1607: Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Italian Carmelite and mystic
  • 1648: Antoine Le Nain, French painter

20th century

21st Century

  • 2003: Bill Paschal, U.S. American football player
  • 2004: Ernst hair, Chairman GdED, member of the DGB Executive Board, Member of Parliament
  • 2004: Mohammed Hamza Ghanayem, Palestinian poet, writer and translator
  • 2005: Dennis Eberhard, American composer
  • 2005: Ismail Merchant, Indian - British film producer
  • 2005: Zoran Mušič, Italian - Slovenian painter
  • 2006: Otto Matthew Zykan, Austrian composer
  • 2006: Mari Yonehara, Japanese writer
  • 2006: Desmond Dekker, Jamaican musician and composer
  • 2007: Herbert Kelletat, German musician, musicologist, organist, choir director and author
  • 2008: Ernst chair Feininger, German - American rocket scientist
  • 2009: Amos Elon, an Israeli journalist and writer
  • 2010: Siphiwo Ntshebe, South African opera singers
  • 2010: Silvius Magnago, Italian lawyer and politician
  • 2011: Matthias axis, Austrian politician
  • 2011: Leonora Carrington, British- Mexican painter and writer
  • 2012: Edoardo Mangiarotti, Italian fencer
  • 2013: Luis Pavón, Cuban politician, journalist and writer

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances St. Bede the Venerable, English priest, monk, historian and Doctor of the Church (Protestant, Anglican, Catholic)
  • St. Sophie Barat, foundress French ( Catholic)
  • St. Sara Black, missionary ( Catholic)
  • Urbanstag ( Catholic)
  • Name Days Gregory, Urban
  • State Holidays and observances Argentina: Day of Revolution ( 1810)
  • Jordan: Independence from the United Kingdom ( 1946)
  • Africa: Africa Day
  • More information for the day Missing Children's Day (since 1983)
  • Towel Day

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