Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province

Gorno-Badakhshan ( Tajik Вилояти Мухтори Кӯҳистони Бадахшон / Wilojati Muchtori Kuhistoni Badachschon or ولایت مختار کوهستان بدخشان; Russian Горно - Бадахшанская автономная областьGorno - Badachschanskaja awtonomnaja oblast, dt Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province ) is an autonomous province in the east of Tajikistan and bordering the people's Republic of China, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.


Gorno-Badakhshan is located at an altitude 1200-7495 m (spades Ismoil Somoni ) in the Pamirs. The area, which is similar to the east of a high mountain desert, with approximately 63,700 square kilometers, comprises approximately 40% of Tajik territory.

The average temperature in January is -8 ° C ( January) and in July at 24 ° C (July).

By Pamirstraße that leads to Dushanbe, the freight is guaranteed.


It is inhabited by approximately 218,000 people (2006); these are only about 3 % of the Tajik population. The inhabitants of this territory, which operate mainly cattle on mountain pastures are also referred to as Bergtadschiken and strive to complete autonomy Mountain - Badakhshan. The administrative center is Chorugh ( 29,000 inhabitants in 2008 ).