May 23

May 23 is the 143rd day of the Gregorian calendar ( 144th in leap years), thus still remain 222 days of the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0844: According to the forged document Privilegio de los votos defeated Ramiro I, King of Asturias, the Emir Abd ar - Rahman II in the Battle of Clavijo. Modern historians doubt that this famous battle of the Reconquista has actually occurred at Clavijo.
  • Election as President of Germany

1994: Roman Herzog

1999: Johannes Rau

2004/ 09: Horst Köhler

  • 1984: Richard von Weizsäcker (CDU ) in the election against Luise Rinser (The Greens).
  • 1989: Richard von Weizsäcker is the only time the sole candidate for election.
  • 1994: Roman Herzog (CDU ) against numerous candidates in the third ballot.
  • 1999: Johannes Rau ( SPD) in the second round against candidates of CDU and PDS.
  • 2004: Horst Köhler ( CDU) in the election against Gesine Schwan (SPD).
  • 2009: Horst Köhler ( CDU) in the first round against numerous candidates.
  • 2008: In the Brazilian capital Brasília is signed by all the independent states of South America, the founding document of the Union of South American Nations. The aim of the agreement is the struggle against " inequality, social exclusion, hunger, poverty and insecurity." By the year 2025 the European Union similar integration is to be achieved. Are planned common currency, parliament, and passport.


  • 2006: In New York opens with a big concert the new World Trade Center 7 at the site of the destroyed in the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 the old World Trade Center.

Science and Technology





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21st Century

  • 2001: Ibrahim Abu- Lughod, Palestinian- American political scientist and politician
  • 2001: Harald Bergström, Swedish mathematician
  • 2002: Sam Snead, American golfer
  • 2003: Jean Yanne, French actor and director
  • 2004: Petra Kappert, German Professor of Turkish Studies
  • 2005: Ernst Jakob Henne, German racing driver
  • 2006: Philippe Amaury, French Publisher
  • 2006: Kazimierz Górski, Polish footballer and coach
  • 2006: Werner Jacob, German organist, composer and university teacher
  • 2006: Carlo Dürselen, German sculptor
  • 2007: Anneliese Fleyenschmidt, German television announcer and presenter
  • 2008: Utah Phillips, American folk singer, poet and trade unionist
  • 2009: Barbara Rudnik, German actress
  • 2010: Vincent Kinchin, British track athletes
  • 2010: Jose Lima, a Dominican baseball player
  • 2011: Karel Otčenášek, Czech archbishop
  • 2011: Fritz Schediwy, German actor
  • 2013: Georges Moustaki French singer and composer

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Girolamo Savonarola, Italian religious, preacher, politician and martyr ( Protestant)
  • Ludwig ginger Nommensen, German missionary to Sumatra ( Protestant)
  • St. Desiderius of Vienne, French bishop ( Catholic)
  • Desiderius, Renate
  • Germany: Anniversary of the promulgation of the Basic Law

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