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Year of the Wood Monkey甲申( at the beginning of the year, water - sheep癸未)

Kōki 2544

Syria: 2195/96 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January
  • 2.2 in February
  • 2.3 March
  • 2.4 April
  • 2.5 May
  • 2.6 in June
  • 2.7 in July
  • 2.8 August
  • 2.9 September
  • 2:10 October
  • 2:11 November
  • 2:12 December
  • 2:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 3.1 First Quarter
  • 3.2 Second Quarter
  • 3.3 Third Quarter
  • 3.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 3.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs


  • January 4: The intellectual Fabian Society is launched, a forerunner of the British Labour Party.
  • March 27: The Three Emperors' League will be extended regardless of the tensions between Austria -Hungary and Russia.
  • October 28: At the general election in the German Empire, the left-liberal parties recorded losses, while to gain the Conservatives and Social Democrats.


  • FEBRUARY 4: During the Mahdi uprising succeeds a force under the slavers Osman Digna a befehligtes of Valentine Baker Anglo- Egyptian army at at- Taib to defeat in the eastern Sudan.
  • APRIL 24: The German Empire, the Lüderitz including hinterland under his "protection." This is the beginning of the colony of German South West Africa.
  • July 5th: Togo is composed by Gustav Nachtigal German colony.
  • July 14: Cameroon is German colony and thus also part of German West Africa.
  • August 7: The warships Leipzig and Elisabeth take in the bay of Angra Pequeña the Luderitz Country ( South West Africa ) for the German Reich in possession.
  • August 16th: The Boer Republics in South Africa is proclaimed by mercenaries Nieuwe Republiek added.
  • NOVEMBER 10: Carl Peters depends on Zanzibar and begins " protection contracts" to close, which later became the colony of German East Africa - is created.
  • NOVEMBER 15: It starts the Berlin Congo Conference, the division of Africa stands at the end in colonial territories.


  • April 4: Chile and Bolivia in close Salpeter an indefinite cease-fire agreement in the Treaty of Valparaíso. The coastal province of Antofagasta with the capital falls to the neighboring country. Bolivia is a landlocked country.
  • Revolt of the Métis against the Canadian government


  • August: The Sino- French War begins.
  • December 4: The reform-oriented Gapsin - coup in Korea begins. He is dejected after three days with the help of Chinese troops.


  • November 6: The Territory of Papua was declared a British protectorate.

International Conferences



Business start-ups

  • June 26: In Mannheim, the pulp mill Waldhof is established, a forerunner of the paper Waldhof -Aschaffenburg.
  • OCTOBER 1: The Danish daily Politiken is founded by three liberal writers.
  • December 18: The first edition of Svenska Dagbladet is published in Stockholm.
  • In Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz the first bicycle factory in Europe is founded, the Express works.


  • The Corcovado mountain railway in Rio de Janeiro will be opened.


  • MARCH 22: Ecuador take as its national currency, a the Sucre.
  • December 1: The health of the workers shall enter into force in the German Empire. Employers bring a third, the workers on two-thirds of the contributions. The reform is a milestone in the history of social security in Germany.
  • December 16: The World Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana, will be opened.

Science and Technology

  • 9 June: The German Emperor Wilhelm I lays the foundation for the Berlin Reichstag building, which is built according to the plans of architect Paul Wallot.
  • August 3: Lewis A. Swift discovered cataloged as NGC 27 galaxy in the constellation Andromeda.
  • August 9: The first steerable airship, La France, circling a round of the place Chalais -Mendon, France. The airship was developed by Charles Renard, his brother Paul and Captain Arthur HC cancer.
  • August 17: Barnard's galaxy in the constellation Sagittarius is tracked down by her namesake Edward Emerson Barnard in astronomical observations.
  • September 22: The astronomer Guillaume Bigourdan place in the constellation Andromeda designated as NGC 76 galaxy.
  • OCTOBER 24: Guillaume Bigourdan discovered in the constellation Andromeda galaxy NGC 96
  • November 14: Guillaume Bigourdan first observed in the constellation Andromeda galaxies NGC 79, NGC 84 and NGC 94-1.
  • Ludwig Boltzmann founded the law found by Josef Stefan on the total radiated power ( Stefan- Boltzmann law, see 1879).


Fine Arts

  • July 29: In Paris, the Société des Artistes Independants Association is founded, which has the goal for the assessment of works of art by the audience itself.
  • Johann Georg Grimm, German guest professor of landscape painting at the Academia Imperial de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro is not extended, because of constant disputes with the Academy line his contract and goes to Niterói. His most loyal students follow him there on the beach of Boa Viagem and deal with plein-air painting. The informal group that exists only about two years later than Grimm Grupo known.